Full Moon in Aries October 9th

by Erik Roth | Oct 7, 2022

October’s Full Moon takes place in the sign of Aries at 16°32’ and will be in conjunction with Chiron.  In this current age, the sign of Aries is overlayed by the constellation of the Fish and where the March equinox (Zero Aries) is located.

From an experiential perspective, the Moon stays full for about 3 days and so will look full on the 8th and 10th as well.  The sign of Aries being strongly activated this time in conjunction with Chiron is a pre-cursor to a period of time between late February and mid-May where the nature of Aries comes fully into view.  This is due to various conjunctions taking place in Aries in 2023. 

Aries is the archetype of the warrior in traditional definitions but its essence is mission-oriented, rugged individualist who is loyal to a cause or purpose.  This essence is operating in the context of this age and seen more of the alpha-like energy that competes for everything, is ambitious and desires victory above all else.  It also strongly shows up in those needing to show their strength in the world or to rescue all that are in need.

Since the Full Moon is conjunct Chiron, this will emphasize the vulnerabilities and the medicine needed through Aries.  This includes the recognition of knowing that acknowledging one’s place of vulnerabilities is also a strength.  Aries can have a tendency to avoid discussions about cracks in their armor or especially their feelings.  In some segments of society, it amounts to never admitting defeat or being wrong.  This can, at times, show up with the signs of Leo, Scorpio or a few others.

This is in part what Chiron is showing us as where the medicine is needed.  Chiron is the shamanic, wounded-healer and teacher.  It is there as a guide to assist us in formulating the medicine we need to work on our deepest wounds across the present and across generations.  Another layer are the wounds that Aries bears with regards to warfare and the wars that have raged across the planet for thousands of years.  Aries, as a sign, was utilized in a distorted way in this regard.  Looked at more as one-dimensional and regulated to being the “warrior” and fighting.

But Aries is much, much more than just a warrior (the word warrior is derived from “war”).  Aries is a fiery, actional force in the world at large.  Finding its mission and purpose is priority number one for Aries.  It can sacrifice itself for the mission, but it is not something that is intended to be reckless, but more as a last resort.  In its shadow, it will be only its mission as the only view regardless of much of the world around them.   This can lead to stepping over others who get in the way of that mission.

Chiron can help Aries see its blind spots in both an individual and in society in general.  Also, humanity’s relationship with war has been in a moment in time where it was made to be a normal part of life over the last few thousand years.  But war isn’t normal.  And to recruit Aries as only the warrior in normal wars is certainly not how civilization can truly evolve except perhaps to self-destruct.  Self-defense is one thing and a need to defend home and family is important.  But Aries’s role is much more intended to be a defender / protector and not a conqueror.  

It is also about what takes place after wars and other services where traumas take place in the missions or duties.  How can the healing happen and how can Aries be supported in the long-term.  These are questions that Chiron is highlighting for humanity and each individual who perhaps has Aries or Aries-like themes in life.

From Lynda Hill’s “The Sabian Oracle” (pg 17), the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is 17 Aries provides another aspect.  The title of the symbol is “Two prim spinsters sitting together in silence.”  The keywords are “the need to loosed up emotional blockages.  The struggle to hold onto one’s original identity.  Compromise because of social expectations.  Meditations that communicate.  Exclusive relationships.  Relationships that have a quiet knowing.  Dignified silence.  Inner withdrawal.  Communicating through body language.  Spinning straw into gold.  Rolling off the tongue.”

From this symbolism, it shows that it is perhaps a collusion in silence of events previously enacted that may have created trauma for humanity.  But it is just as easily an inner communication that conveys what is needed in reflection, introspection and inner process in partnership.  There seems to be some qualities of Libra here, in the polarity of Aries.  The archetypal expression of Libra can bring out what is needed through personal and community relationships, which can be a powerful resource toward processing and healing.
Like all signs/archetypes, Aries is experiencing a fragile moment in this current age of redefining the use of its skillset.  This Chiron-Full Moon conjunction may help us with the awareness of our blind-spots and where we can have greater awareness of our vulnerabilities.  It is not meant rid ourselves of vulnerabilities or blind spots, but to work with them in a way where they provide the shamanic medicine needed for a healthy approach to our healing journey.

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