Full Moon in Pisces on Sept 10th

September 10, 2022

By Erik Roth

This month’s Full Moon is in the sign of Pisces at 17˚41’, just a day after Mercury stationed retrograde in Libra.  The Moon will be in the constellation of the Water-Bearer (what astronomers still call Aquarius), as part of the water pouring down onto the celestial waters and the Earth.

A Full Moon is an opposition of the Sun and Moon.  Archetypally, this is showing the polarity of the archetypes (in this case, Pisces and Virgo) with Pisces full illuminated.  Pisces is a dreamer, empath and healer-type sign.  But it has something very strong in common with Virgo: both archetypes are givers and especially desiring to be “of service” from a place without ego.

Pisces also invites a special fascination of ecstatic experience in its quest for oneness with Source.   Pisces tends to be drawn to experiences beyond our consensus reality into other realms.  As the dreamer and empath, Pisces desires to spend some of its time outside of the complexity of the middle world.  Things like ambition, financial success, boundaries, responsibilities and being present with the reality can be challenging for this sign, especially when it is swamped in its shadow of too much feeling and desiring to escape it.

As Pisces journeys through the world, it can take on the feelings and qualities of others naturally (not in the same way that Gemini as a sign “shape-shifts” into various roles).  It can lose its identity when absorbing like sponge the feelings, likes and dislikes of others.  How it can evolve is to go beyond that by effective mirroring and being transpersonal in their approach.

The ”heart” is also associated with Pisces as it is highly sensitive to the feelings and psychic impressions of others around them and not just only other people but other life as well.  The mind has little to do with Pisces except as a vessel for the Pisces manifestation into physical form and being able to operate on the Earth-plane.  “Pisces feels” can be taken as the equivalent as “Gemini thinks”.

This Pisces Full Moon brings in a sense of “being of service” from the backdrop of the stars symbolizing the “drops of water” carrying cosmic wisdom.  We can connect into this energetic symbolism within ourselves to be open to receiving the cosmic gift of wisdom, heart and service.  This is not meant to immediate solve problems of an earthly nature but can be something that assists us in experiencing the wisdom of empathy and service.  Meaning, these can be potent tools in our soul’s journey.

The Sabian Symbol of this Full Moon is 18 Pisces. The primary symbol for this from Lynda Hill’s book, “The Sabian Oracle is: “In a huge tent, a famous revivalist conducts his meeting with a spectacular performance”. 

The keywords are, “Energy and inspiration.  Evangelism.  Whipped up emotions.  Having a lot to say.  Being instructional and dogmatic about how things should be.  Being in charge.  Ecstasy.  Loud voices.  Conversations that are said out loud.  Acoustics affecting sounds.  Preaching.  Performing.  Activism.  Showmanship.  Transformative experiences.  Captivated audiences.  The media circus.”

The addition of this Sabian Symbol’s vibrant emotional energy to the intent of this month’s Full Moon in Pisces is both elevating and unpredictable.  Though some of it does fall in line with the essence of the sign Pisces, particularly about ecstasy and transformative experiences, which can certainly whip up emotions and captivate people.  Pisces is not normally a sign that loves attention and showmanship.  But Pisces can take on the qualities of others so this Sabian Symbol could be a variant of what Pisces can show up as.  And hopefully not the dogmatic expression of this symbol, it is part of it.

In conclusion, this is a Full Moon that is dynamic it is illumination.  The intent may be to bring us a touch of sky wisdom through the heart-space while tapping into other realms.  It is not constructive or rational, but it is a part of humanity that assists us in knowing more about our spiritual journey through ecstatic experiences and being of service in the world.

We can all connect with our own feelings as we feel them, but also in relation to the feelings of others around us.  What wisdom is there?  What can we learn from that and our own contribution to our communities and families?  And how can we stay in ourselves and not lose who we are with the saturation of the media, entertainment and projections all around us?  These are the questions we can feel into and meditate on  during the time of the Full Moon on the 10th.

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