Gemini Venus Cycle: Finding Our Wings At the Edge Between Worlds

The Gemini Meta Goddess has been our psychopomp or soul guide for our collective descent and renewal journey through 2020-21. 

She has been guiding us through the most critical years at the heart of the Great Turning where we are called to simultaneously act as death doulas for a dying culture and midwives guiding the birth of a new world.  

Who better to support us in this passage than the great Shapeshifter, Guide of Souls, Rainbow Goddess, Master of Imagination, Miracle Maker, Trickster and New World Storyteller – all manifestations of the Gemini Goddess in all her glory?

Venus rose as Morning Star on June 9 in the heart of the Jupiter Saturn Pluto transits of 2020.  She began her journey months into Covid’s Great Pause and the righteous outrage and soul searching triggered by George Floyd’s murder in the U.S. Her medicine offers a much-needed silver (or rainbow!) lining for the dark storms of our times.

The sign Venus rises in at the beginning of her cycle is the Guiding Goddess on the world stage undergoing a necessary death and rebirth, as described in the Sumerian and Babylonian epic stories of the Goddesses Inanna and Ishtar’s descent to the Underworld – stories describing the full 584 ½ day Venus Synodic Cycle from start to finish. 

This Gemini Venus Cycle is highly significant for several reasons. First, heliacal rise was with Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull and Royal Star marking the Age of Taurus 5000 years ago before the onset of patriarchy.  Second, this Venus in Gemini Cycle is a bridge, activating the next level of awakening initiated during the critical passage of 2012/13—the last Gemini Venus Cycle. Third, and most importantly, Venus makes a triple activation to the Gemini North Node for the first time in 56 years, an event not occurring again for 243 years. 

For all these reasons we can see that Venus’s Gemini journey offers us the best strategy to move toward our highest collective destiny in 2020-21. From June to early May 2021, we have been experiencing the descent journey, where we must surrender our attachment to anything standing in the way of full access to the gifts of the sign, in this case, Gemini. It is also a time where we may need to let go of the shadow aspects of Gemini to embody more refined and life-giving qualities of the sign.

How Does the Gemini Goddess Descend?
The question in the Venus Cycle is always this – do we descend as the unwilling victim – Persephone? Or as Queen Inanna, who heard the call of soul and willingly relinquished her throne, made the descent, and accomplished the necessary ego death represented by her give-away of all the “me” or adornments of civilization from her crown to her royal robes and finally her precious life?

We might consider the Gemini Goddess, as one accustomed to guiding others to the Underworld and returning to the surface unscathed, might resist such a journey and we would probably be right. In my view, considering Gemini IS the master of polarity and duality along with Both/And, we should consider two possibilities for how She (and we) descend. Listen for which is your way and know one is not better than the other.

Getting Personal: How Have You Navigated So Far?
The first way the Gemini Queen descends is where she makes it a game. She finds the fun in it, she laughs at the seeming contradictions, she uses her magic to weave her own worlds and her own stories into the larger cultural narrative. She does not waste her precious energy and time playing someone else’s game. She is continually creating her own.  

Can you see yourself in the above description of the playful Gemini Fairy Queen? Have you, over the past nine months, experienced moments of complete freedom, healthy detachment from the World Drama, and an ability to shapeshift the reality around you, jump timelines, bring your full imagination and sense of play to your surrounding community?  

If so, magnificent! Keep doing what you are doing and know that as you do, you create a field of possibility around you making it easier for others to follow your lead and join you in re-imagining our world. Simply know that over the coming months it is possible you might hit a rough spot and land in the territory of great sadness, loss, confusion, uncertainty, rage, or any other number of feelings Gemini does not like very much. 

Best Practices to Navigate Venus in Gemini in the Coming Months
When the intensity arises, what works is to bring alive inside of you your loving inner mother and father, creating space for the sensitive and magical child aspect of Gemini to feel and experience her natural grief at being born into a world of such density, heaviness, suffering, inequality, injustice, and far too many people who have forgotten how to believe in magic.   

Know that what follows the healthy natural tears and outflowing of hidden grief and long held pain is the relief and release of an unburdened heart – what we might feel internally as the Rainbow after the Storm, and renewed energy to continue the adventure into uncharted territory, re-imagining our world with a purified heart and mind.

If, on the other hand, you have been feeling very heavy, and you have been locked into struggle, and seriousness and you cannot begin to imagine how it would feel to play, and laugh and feel hopeful about the future, do not despair. You are right on time.  All this means is that you are still in the work of purification, of letting go of the obstacles, habits and accumulated weariness that keep you separate from your true nature as miracle maker, world changer, and shapeshifter of realities.

The advice I gave above, to let yourself feel and let go of the feelings you so fear may apply to you also.  If it does, and when you do, your rainbow is sure to be big, and beautiful, and bright. In either case, if you are wise enough to be the Gemini Goddess’s willing student, you will be required to let go of your over-attachment to what other people think, and to what society expects from you.  You will learn to release attachment to the kind of false security that numbs your soul and stifles your true voice.  In short, all false allegiance to the Muggle World must be surrendered – it is time!   

This means facing and relinquishing any addiction to unnecessary suffering, to taking yourself too seriously, and believing it is for you to shoulder the burdens of the world alone. It also means surrendering the false perspective that you are or have ever been constrained by your history, your genetic makeup, your cultural conditioning, your race, your class or even your identity as “human being.”

For while it remains important to acknowledge those factors in honoring your human nature, it is also time for you to include them with love AND expand beyond them to your greater Self, always and forever in contact with worlds behind this world and drawing from them varied sources of wisdom, strength, embodied knowledge, and great love.

From What Is to What If: Claiming the Magic of the Gemini Journey
For the truth is – now is the time for dreamers and magic makers, and a collective movement from the safety of “What Is” to the Unexplored territory of “What If?” And when we fully activate the Gemini Goddess within, we will find the Creator and Miracle Maker so desperately needed in our world – and just in time.  

Just in time, because in the Evening Star Phase of the Gemini Cycle, through the summer, fall and winter, you will find yourself at a precipice. If you are reading this during the Underworld phase from Valentine’s Day until May 3, 2021, it is time for you to lighten your load and your heart because in the months to come, as Evening Star Gemini emerges, it will be time for you to leap, and you want to be as light as you can be.  

Discover the burdens you have carried that do not belong to you and put them down.  

Claim only what belongs to you. It is not always easy to know what is for you and what is not but often you will know what belongs to you because there is an overall feeling of rightness, even if the carrying is extremely difficult, over time it leaves you feeling stronger and more empowered rather than weak and drained. And within your burden you will find untold gifts to claim in the months and years to come. 

In the months to come you may find yourself at the edge of your old world, looking across the divide to a new world just beginning to come into view. This shows up as the choice points where you feel something from the future, a bold and beautiful, maybe seemingly impossible yet true, calling you forward.  In these moments where the great courage to leap forward seizes you, may you find your wings – and fly!  

the months to come may you find your words of truth and magic, casting a new spell of hope and possibility in your world and may you speak them. And may you find yourself in the company of great kindreds, shapeshifting the world around you into one of beauty, kindness, care and healing for each other and our beautiful planet Earth. And perhaps most important of all – may you claim the path and make the choice all along the way to create play, and joy, and FUN!   

Article by Tami Brunk past president of SAMS

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