Hawaii, the Venus Transit and Many Magical Adventures

by Cayelin K Castell

Lisa and Me having one of many fun moments. Picture by nine-year old Lucy.

“Best Event Ever!”

Actually those words were first spoken by Zan at the Advanced Chart Analysis Intensive this past February. Zan was also in Hawaii and at one point she said to me “okay this IS the best event ever!”

I said similar words to Daniel several times through out the week, as the days progressed into greater and greater wonder and magic. It is the kind of magical experience we always intend for an event especially when we are under the sky and out on the sacred land. However, the weather doesn’t always cooperate in the ways that it did this time and the land was especially supportive providing us with more than we had ever imagined.

Plus every person that joined us brought their own beauty, wisdom, willingness and love adding immeasurably to the richness of this experience. I am still in profound awe of what we all co-created.

The actual plan for the event was still coming together even as we all gathered. After all if you have ever been to Hawaii you might have heard the phrase “Island Time” and we certainly had a first hand experience of it – mostly in ways that could hardly have been more perfect. Getting out of our western mind view of Time is not easy and requires trusting the process and trusting that everyone’s needs are being met even if we don’t always initially get that is what is happening.

As I have been thinking about how to sum up this event it occurs to me that to really do this justice this will be a two part summary because the Venus Transit deserves special attention. Something I will mention here is that due to the United Astrology Conference that ended just a few days before the Venus Transit our Timing had to fit into parameters that were outside of what we felt would be our ideal circumstances.

The conference and Venus Transit dates were set.

The United Astrology Conference only happens every three to four years and The Venus transit won’t happen again for 105 years. These factors forced us to begin our event on June 3 just two days before the Venus Transit.

As in the ways of magic, that actually turned out to be perfect timing in a way we couldn’t have imagined prior to setting this up. What I mean by that is we began the event with the Lunar Eclipse and the Venus Transit, when we might have otherwise ended with these events as a Grand Finale. However, these celestial initiatory events set us up for a remarkable week that continued to build into greater magic and wonder as the days went by.

The Lunar Eclipse near Maximum on June 4, 2012. Its not the best picture but you can see that the Round Full Moon has a piece that is seemingly missing.

The Partial Lunar Eclipse Just hours after everyone arrived for the event, there was a partial Lunar Eclipse starting around Mid-night. The clouds that had been dense and rainy since I had arrived on June 1, and Daniel confirmed that he had arrived May 31 to the same experience, miraculously cleared so we could see the Bright Full Moon over the ocean.

We had a clear view of the first evidence of the Earth’s shadow beginning to creep over the Moon. As the eclipse progressed the Moon looked like someone had taken a big bite out of it.

All but three members of our group showed up in the wee morning hours to be witness to this closing of the eclipse window that began with the annular eclipse on May 20. (Member’s can refer to the Audio Class Daniel and I did for May and June to get the details about the Eclipses and Venus Transit.)

The lunar eclipse was a perfect preparation for the Venus transit the next day.

Here is a link to In-depth Interviews about these remarkable celestial events that begin with the Annular Solar Eclipse on May 20, 2012 and cover the Venus Transit, Jupiter’s move into Gemini conjunct the Pleiades and the Summer Solstice New Moon and the Uranus Pluto square, Saturn and Venus stations near the end of this month…with suggestions on how to participate ceremonially.

An in-depth Radio Interview on Blog Talk Radio with Myra Jackson on May 30th of the Gaia Field Radio program. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/gaiafield-radio/2012/05/30/cayelin-castell-navigating-cosmically-inspired-times

First View of the Venus Transit. You can see there are still lots of clouds that cleared up less than an hour later.

The Venus Transit
This was truly beyond the beyond – a perfect seed moment that powerfully activated anything and everything that wasn’t in alignment with the intent of Venus crossing the Solar Disk further activating the Solar Feminine. As Venus crossed the alchemical cauldron of light and transformation we were all inspired with awe and wonder.

The Venus Transit day started out raining like crazy. In the morning, we took the group to a fabulous planetarium called Imiloa near Hilo and it rained the entire way. As we drove, I made a heart-felt request of the cloud people to please give us visual access to see the Venus Transit that afternoon and when it was over I invited the Cloud People to feel free to return. I know others were making a similar request and we were heard as our request was granted. Remarkably, on our way to the sacred land of Green Lake the clouds began to clear.

Meanwhile, Imiloa had a planetarium show about the Venus Transit that we got to see as a way to prepare for the afternoon crossing of Venus. There was also a transmission via a telescope pointed directly at the Sun thatwas set up on Mauna Kea (around 13,000 feet and highest point on the Big Island) so we got to see first contact of Venus with the Sun at the planetarium even though it was cloudy and raining there.

By the time we were driving to Green Lake, a place with an ancient Heiau (Hawaiian Temple) and only one of two fresh water lakes on the BIG Island, the clouds were beginning to lift. John Dumas (our fabulous sound healer) was diligently watching for the Sun to appear in the lead car of our caravan. The entire caravan of cars pulled over as soon as we had a clear view of the Sun. It was our direct first glimpse of Venus on the Sun through our sungazing lenses. See the above picture. The energy was so HIGH we were all pretty giddy!

Aunty Lynda leading us in the sacred chants.


Green Lake

Ceremonial Didging during the Venus Transit. The Baby’s face says it all.

Aunty Lynda, our very special cultural practitioner who brought so much heart and love and special wisdom to our group, had taught us Hawaiian chants for entering sacred places the day before the Venus Transit. When we arrived at the parking area for Green Lake we ate lunch and then gathered for ceremonial chanting and then a walk up to a beautfiul plateau over looking the area and the ocean.

As we walked in silence everyone took time to be with the energy of the Venus Transit and this sacred place in their own way. After

some time of being with these energies John Dumas (sacred sound healer and Shamanic Astrologer) began a sound healing ceremony that further amplified the portal of light and love we were all feeling.

I know I felt this helped to bring the whole experience into my body especially during the didging of everyone including the children. It was a time beyond time, beyond normal reality, beyond anything I remember ever being witness too.

It seemed we were all transported to a place of authentic reality and truth, the truth that exists beyond duality and polarity. The truth of Venus with the Sun as a demonstration of how to contact the direct source of life and light that is ours to experience.

My hope is some of these pictures can capture a bit of this experience because not only was it a time beyond time but an experience beyond words that I am still integrating myself. It was a planetary seed moment that will continue to grow for years to come.

Look how clear the Sky is now and what a beautiful day it turned out to be! It was stunning.
The Rest of the Week or Part Two preview
I thought the Venus Transit was going to be the crown jewel of this event and in many ways it was, but actually what I think we all experienced based on the feedback we got – was everyday after that kept building on the magic of the Venus Transit. I will share more about this in part two.
Meanwhile here are some of the highlights that I didn’t get to cover in this article:
  • Star Compass Navigation and the Hawaiian Starlines at Imiloa and with Star Navigator Kalepa
  • The Sunrise Place and Healing Mounds with Oli Chanting and teachings from Aunty Lynda a wondrous Hawaiian cultural practitioner
  • The Navigation Heiau and presentation about Heiaus … including the different purposes of the different Heiau’s and the restoration projects by Uncle Keone
  • Visit to an ancient Hawaiian Village
  • The Crystal Skulls and the Jade Disk with Jennifer Walch…this was a last minute special addition
  • Snorkeling and Warm Ponds (thank you Natasha!)
  • Night Sky with Mauii’s Fish Hook, the Southern Cross, Centaurus, and Alpha Centauri, Saturn with Spica and Mars in the Lion
  • A visit to a sustainable Hawaiian farm and the sacred cave that proved to be a spectacular way to complete this remarkable week.

Group Shot Hawaii 2012 on the last day! Though a few of our participants had already left to catch their flights home there energy is included here.

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