I AM Possible Online Event

We can all agree that 2020 was a life-changing year, both collectively and individually. We have felt more connected than ever before, sharing common problems and concerns that remind us that we are all together in this journey. Simultaneously, we have also experienced the fragmentation of a system that needs to be transformed.

But how? What can you do to be part of this change?

What can you do to be part of a heart-centered revolution?

And the answer is quite simple:


There is a powerful creative force within each of us willing to be manifested, a deep medicine for our collective wounds. There is a beautiful potential reality that goes beyond our wildest dreams and that is calling you. Imagine yourself at the highest peak of a solid mountain saying loudly to the world:


I invite you to participate in this Global Event that reunites courageous souls whose intention is to inspire you to be your most authentic self!!! That’s why I’m inviting you to this unprecedented bilingual Summit in English and Spanish, created with the intention to build bridges so we can all be possible:


Nurturing together the Heart of a Universal RevolutionIt begins on January 21st! Click here to register, free

This conference is created by the courageous soul Mar Guerrero (literally inSpanish the Sea Warrior), who is the founder of Almakhemy.

In this extraordinary and timely event, you will hear from 40speakers—including me—who have been specifically chosen to inspire you in these critical times of transformation and opportunity to embrace your fullest potential. They will bring together ancestral wisdom and modern techniques to inspire you the courage to be yourself.Shamanism, Astrology, Coaching, Dreamwork, MartialArts, Dance…to ignite your own fire!

Are you ready to be even more possible?

The world needs you. We are the ones that we were waiting for!

Click here to learn more & register here.

 Actually presenting FIRST on January 21st is Mar Guerrero, the amazing creator of this summit.  Mar lives in Thailand, and I had the pleasure of graduating her with her foundational certification, at an in-person Sacred Marriage training in Bali, in 2019.

Over the next months, our plan is to introduce through the newsletter the many new Foundational graduates from 2020.  So we shall begin with Mar Guerrero from 2019.  Meet her now….and thanks Mar for creating such an incredible event!

Mar Guerrero was born in Málaga, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea. She feels deeply rooted in that land even when she has been living in Thailand for a decade. She has been teaching languages for 20 years, so the transition to move to the language of Earth and Sky was a natural process of diving into the symbols that talk to us from Nature. It was also the next step in her quest for understanding what it means to be human, fully human. She is a Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, an interpreter of the Cosmic patterns (certified in Shamanic Astrology Foundational Level), a Reiki Master, and a Tarot reader. She has a Master in Literature and Applied Linguistics and she has been working on her Phd in Psychology and Philosophy where she is attempting to understand how human growth and development takes place when learning new cultures and languages. . Diving into her soul journey has taken her to facilitate others’ alchemical processes, holding  sacred space for them to transform their wounds into medicine for themselves and for the world. If you want to see more about Mar´s work you can check her website: www.almakhemy.com.

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