In Memoriam John Major Jenkins March 4, 1964 to July 2, 2017

There are two Memoriams from the founders of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

John Major Jenkins giving a talk

Daniel Giamario

by Daniel Giamario co-founder of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School
I was greatly saddened when I heard the news of John’s passing. I had not been aware he had cancer. John and I met in person several times, and I always considered him a brother, as well as an esteemed colleague. He was a tireless and dedicated explorer of the Mysteries, and made major contributions to our understanding of the Turning of the Ages. On a personal level, I was honored that he listed my article on the Turning of the Ages in Mountain Astrologer magazine in 1998 as an inspiration and resource for his fabulous book Maya Cosmogenesis.

John’s books have always been high on the Shamanic Astrology reading lists, having greater value to the overall objectives and understanding of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School than the great majority of regular astrology books.

Over the years, John had his battles with the established scientific community, mainstream Mayan “experts” as well as a portion of the “new age” community. He was also virtually ignored by the astrological community.

Most often his views were not well understood, or were misrepresented. In my personal opinion, John (with Sun conjunct Chiron and Mars in Pisces opposite Pluto/Uranus) took on the collective shadow of the 2012 carnival/circus. It certainly must have wounded his sensitive and caring heart. Quite possibly, he may have battled these short-sighted, turf controlling constituencies and those with personal agenda’s more than he needed to. His body of work stands on its own.

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School deeply regrets the loss of our beloved brother and colleague, and we will do whatever we can to see that his life’s work is not forgotten or judged unfairly. Rest in peace John.

From Cayelin K Castell: I only met John Major Jenkins once in 2005 when he was giving a talk at the CPAK conference in Sedona. He gave a brilliant talk that I found inspiring including his research into the Galactic Alignment. He also talked about Izapa, Mexico a large pre-Columbian Archeological site in the state of Chiapas. He made the site come alive describing the cosmology, so much so I wanted to go there.

He also spoke about the story of Kalevala (see books listed below) a Finnish creation myth that John was working on translating having gotten permission from Ervast’s study-school in Finland, whose members have worked to preserve their culture’s past and the spiritual evolution of humanity.

I had the great pleasure of having lunch with him, getting to ask him more about Izapa and even suggesting we could possibly get a Shamanic Astrology group together and have him as a guide to go there. He seemed open to the idea but I was in the midst of major life changes and though I followed up, he was apparently also in the midst of BIG life changes as well.

During lunch he also shared about how he had included Daniel’s article on the Turning of the Ages as a reference, after reading it in the Mountain Astrologer just before his book Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date went to press. The book was published August 1, 1998.

Later I discovered John and I shared a March 4 birthday though he was a few years younger than me. What I love about March 4th is the command to March Forth into life. There is no question that John Major Jenkins did that – he was marching forth in spite of his research being questioned by the established scientific community as Daniel mentioned.

It is well known in some circles that many in these communities are very slow to change their perspective about long held beliefs often discrediting the research of others as a result. Because John was opening the way and creating the possibility for new conversations, he was seen as a threat that needed to be discredited, not unlike Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake who also have disrupted the status quo.

Truly John Major Jenkins has left a legacy worth remembering and honoring and I join Daniel in his desire to do whatever we can to make sure his life’s work is not forgotten or dismissed.

John Major Jenkins Bio
John Major Jenkins is an independent researcher and author who has devoted his life to reconstructing ancient Mayan cosmology and philosophy. Since he began his odyssey of research and dis-covery of the Maya in 1986, Jenkins has written dozens of articles and many books, including Journey to the Mayan Underworld and Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. His research draws on astronomy, folk-lore, iconography, mythology, religion, calendrics, and science, making him an authority on the widely explored question of 2012.

Jenkins was the first to elucidate the connection between the astronomical features involved in the rare galactic alignment of 2012 and Maya creation mythology. His care-ful scholarship and cutting-edge insights into why the Maya chose 2012 to end a World Age cycle have been endorsed by some of the most progressive thinkers of our day.

This bio is from an interview he did with Common Ground Magazine

May you, John Major Jenkins, know Eternal Peace and Love
Within the Light of the Divine that you are!

If you are not familiar with his books they are listed below and worth reading.

Books by John Major Jenkins

This first list is from Amazon for those who want to explore more of his research, discoveries, and wisdom.

Tzolkin: Visionary perspectives and calendar studies 1994
 by John Major Jenkins

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date
Aug 1, 1998
 by John Major Jenkins and Terence McKenna

Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian, and Vedic Traditions Jul 1, 2002 by John Major Jenkins

Pyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec Codex: Spiritual Ascent at the End of Time
November 3, 2004 translated by John Major Jenkins

Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Awakening?: A Complete Guide to End-of-Time Predictions
May 21, 2009 by Geoff Stray and John Major Jenkins

The 2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History
Oct 14, 2010 
by John Major Jenkins

The Key to the Kalevala Jul 22, 2015
 by Pekka Ervast Translated by John Major Jenkins

Three Plumes of Judas February 17, 2017 by John Major Jenkins

Journey to the Mayan Underworld Mar 25, 2017 
by John Major Jenkins

Ivory Tower, House of Cards: How Scholars and their Publishers Violate Science
Apr 2, 2017 
by John Major Jenkins

Sonnets from the Sands: Lost Wisdom of the Neoplatonic Poet-Philosophers
Jun 2, 2017 
by John Major Jenkins

Collected Tryptagonal Poetry Jun 2, 2017 by John Major Jenkins

This List is from John’s Website (there are some repeats here from above list and lots of different ones that are not listed above)

Reconstructing Ancient Maya Astronomy (Four Ahau Press, 2012)

A Bio-Bibliography of the Writings of John Major Jenkins: 1971 to 2012  (Four Ahau Press, 2012)

Lord Jaguar’s 2012 Inscriptions (Four Ahau Press, 2011)

The 2012 Story: The Myths, Fallacies, and Truth Behind the Most Intriguing Date in History (Tarcher/Penguin, 2009)

Unlocking the Secrets of 2012 (Sounds True, 2007). This is actually a 3-CD “audio book”, 3.5 hours.

The Pyramid of Fire: A Lost Aztec Codex (Bear & Company, 2004). Co-authored with Martin Matz.

Galactic Alignment: The Transformation of Consciousness According to Mayan, Egyptian and Vedic Traditions (Inner Traditions International, 2002)

The Key to the Kalevala, by Pekka Ervast (Blue Dolphin, 1999). John Major Jenkins facilitated the translation, edited, compiled the bibliography and notes, and wrote the Introduction for this translation o Ervast’s classic book of 1916.

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date in AD 2012 (Bear & Company, 1998)

Izapa Cosmos (Four Ahau Press, 1996)

The Center of Mayan Time (Four Ahau Press, 1995)

Tzolkin: Visionary Perspectives and Calendar Studies (Borderland Sciences Research Foundation, 1994).
Originally released with Four Ahau Press in 1992.

Mayan Sacred Science (Four Ahau Press, 1994)

7 Wind: A Quiché Maya Calendar for 1993 (Four Ahau Press, 1993)

Mirror in the Sky (Four Ahau Press, 1991)

Outside the Cage (Four Ahau Press, 1991)

Scenezine Selections (Four Ahau Press, 1990). A collection of early essays and travel reports published in the Chicago-based arts and music newspaper called Scenezine, editor Bill Jenkins.

Journey to the Mayan Underworld (Four Ahau Press / Self Publications, 1989)

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