Inner and Outer Council and the rare meeting of Chiron and Neptune


To sit in Council is to sit with intent to speak from your heart when it is your turn to speak, and to listen with your heart when others speak in turn. It is to sit in a Sacred Circle that your thinking maybe rounded rather than linear, whole rather than compartmentalized. One may uphold the Spirit of Council alone or with others, at work or in ceremony, on a mountain or in a valley…Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we may join hearts and “sit” together in Celestial Earth Council to co-determine our New Earth destiny, above and below, within and without. For as the Hopi Elders say, “We are the one we have been waiting for!” ~Nicole Christine founder of the Awakening the Priest~ess Process and author of Under Her Wings, The Making of a Magdalene

On February 16/17 Chiron and Neptune make their first exact conjunction (26 Aquarius 14) though they traveled close together all last year. This represents the synchronization of Chiron’s 50 year cycle with Neptune’s 165 year cycle. The next time Chiron and Neptune reunite is the 20th of September 2094 at 4 Virgo 47. These two planets have been facilitating a powerful planetary initiation intended to assist us in moving into the New Earth energies.

Chiron operates in the Underworld as the archetypal Wounded or Shamanic Healer. This council with Chiron is an opportunity to turn our wounds into the medicine we carry. This process is facilitated by acceptance of the often unfathomable paradox of being human and divine at the same time.

Neptune operates in the Celestial, or the realm of deep intuitive divine knowing that exists beyond logic and reason. When in council with Neptune it is a time for listening to our deep inner knowing for guidance.

Chiron and Neptune are in council for all of 2010 with the most exact time being February 16. Choosing to sit in council with one’s self and deeply, intuitively listening with the heart assists us in aligning with the powerfully transformative energies available now. This is intended to awaken a greater sense of who we truly are within the divine plan.

When we consider Chiron and Neptune are in Aquarius this council then also includes the refined frequencies of the Aquarian realms where innovative cutting edge technology (especially the technology of consciousness) supports our ability to resonate with the intensifying high frequency light codes beaming onto to the planet as indicated by the recent solar flares.

BIG SUNSPOT: The sudden emergence of big sunspot 1045 over the weekend has caused a sharp uptick in solar activity. The active region has produced three M-class and almost a dozen C-class solar flares since it appeared on Saturday. The strongest blast, an M6-class eruption on Feb. 7th, may have hurled a coronal mass ejection toward Earth. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras in the nights ahead as a result of this activity. Also, ham radio operators are picking up strong solar radio bursts using shortwave receivers. Sample sounds and images may be found at

The Innovative, Cutting Edge Technology of Entrainment

The scientific term entrainment was originated by physicist Christian Huygens in 1666 when he noticed two pendulum clocks were in rhythm with each other. Intrigued he experimented further and found he could duplicate the results by taking several pendulum clocks, randomly set their pendulums swinging and within a week all the pendulums would be swinging together, entrained to one another or in the same rhythm.

In the science of physics entrainment is related to resonance and is featured in Super Conductors. A Super Conductor is created in certain elements at extremely low temperatures. This happens through the process of entrainment or creating resonance with the electrons in the element as the temperature is lowered to near absolute zero or the temperature where entropy (disorder) reaches its minimum value.

The process of entrainment occurs when the electrons move into phase or resonance with each other. At first the electrons seemingly grow more chaotic and random just before they reach a Super Conductive state. At first there are just a few electrons that move into a harmonious frequency (or entrainment with each other) and then a few more until a critical mass is reached. When one percent of the electrons fall into resonance then a Phase Transition occurs and suddenly all the electrons fall into a coherent phase or entrainment with each other.

There are many great innovative technologies available now designed to entrain the human brain and physiology to high frequency resonance including Alpha and Theta states that promote a greater sense of well-being, balance and centeredness.

In addition to techniques like Resonance Repatterning (more info below) there are many CDs now available that have certain beats or frequencies embedded in them designed to entrain the brain – leading it into altered states. These include lucid dreams, deep relaxation, euphoria, increased intuition, awareness, enhanced creativity, accelerated learning, psychic abilities, elimination of insomnia and the symptoms of stress, and increased endorphin levels occurring even more quickly than in meditative states.

Other ways to entrain ourselves to higher frequencies include what we are focusing our attention on, coming back to the universal truth that says what we pay attention to is what we become conscious of in our reality. So spending time in nature, meditating, yoga, acts of kindness toward self or others, practicing gratitude and forgiveness, or any other activities that inspire and expand our sense of connection to the natural rhythms of life are all great ways to entrain ourselves to the higher frequencies of coherence now coming onto the planet.

Also…the daily Celestial Timings are designed to entrain our awareness to the the As Above, So Below mysteries and the natural cycles and rhythms of Earth and Sky in a way that supports a natural resonance with the unfolding Great Mystery of planetary ascension.

And…the monthly Resonance Repatterning sessions (there are four free sessions each year for Celelstial Timings subscribers) assist this process helping to entrain our intention to resonate with divine intention aligned with our divine destiny.

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