Is the Past calling to Haunt or Let Bygones Be Gone?

Halloween, 5000 years ago, in Scotland, Ireland and Britain was called Samhain (pronounced “Saa-wen”). This Old European, Iron-Age, Gaelic festival honored the end of the harvest and the beginning of the darker days of the year.

The Celtic day began at sunset and ended the next sunset marking both Oct 31 and Nov 1st as the time of Hallows when the veils between the worlds of life and beyond are the thinnest. This is a portal beyond everyday reality. Halloween is both an ending and a beginning point–a liminal threshold.

The Full Moon in Taurus is closest to the earth on this 2020 Halloween night and will appear within one degree of the star Hamal, the brightest star in the Ram Constellation. This star marks the Ram’s forehead—the place the ram directs the butting of its horns from the power of its consciousness.

The star, Hamal, was historically important as the Spring Equinox point during the time between 100 and 2000 years BC, a time known as the Age of the Ram. What emerged at that time overthrew the Age of Taurus, a time when women had developed weaving, agriculture and pottery— giving them a strong social role.

This was a civilization that was peaceful, egalitarian, matrilineal and artistic.

The Age of the Ram reversed much of these virtues and the power of the masculine prevailed over Earth and her children throughout the 2100 years of the Age of the Ram and the following 2100 years known as the Age of Pisces.

In Shamanic Astrology the Moon represents the past, the place from where the collective consciousness has evolved. This Full Moon in Taurus, a Hunters Moon also called a Blood Moon, marks this place with Hamal where the March Equinox Sun rose following the Age of Taurus when the focus on the Great Mother Goddess gave way to over 4000 years of Patriarchal dominance.

At this new Turning of the Ages, the gears of the Great Wheel are again shifting the established “Powers that Be”.

My initial thought was humanity’s past, represented by the Moon, when meeting the star marking the beginning time of the Patriarch, may be a celestial celebration and farewell to the fading patriarchal era.

On second look, is this Full Halloween Moon in Taurus at the same degree as Uranus, converging at 08 degrees Taurus around 8 and 9 a.m., PDT, on Halloween, suggesting other possibilities? The Scorpio Sun, opposite them in the sky, is illuminating and activating them with Scorpio shakti energy.

Is Uranus bringing freedom from the Patriarchal dominance or novel ideas to take us beyond this operating system? Or could it mirror some wild, unexpected and revolutionary event concerning the structure still in place?

Is this a goodbye dance or a surprise scramble to hold onto what destiny has already cast?

My hopeful heart will rest on the meaning of Hallow’s Eve; to be a “Holy” event. I am wishing us more treats than tricks and a very Happy Halloween

Mary Kern

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