JFK Assassination: Second Saturn Return Concludes

By Daniel Giamario

November 20, 2022

59 years ago, on November 22 1963, President Kennedy was very likely killed by a joint CIA/organized crime operation, a veritable coup d’etat. 

I had just turned 15 years old, and was at that time a junior in high school in Bangkok, Thailand. My dad was an Army officer stationed there as the Viet Nam war was ramping up. Only three weeks before, on November 1 1963, we experienced the CIA organized assassination of Vietnam Prime Minister Diem. This was just as he was about to begin peace talks with the Viet Cong and intended to ask the US Military advisors to leave. 

Those of my generation deeply remember November 22 1963, rather like what later generations went through with 9/11. We remember the deep impact of the killing of one of the three kings: RFK and MLK to soon follow. 

When using the same methodology for ascertaining Saturn cycles of initiation on a natal chart, then the Saturn return to the assassination began February 7 2022, when Saturn entered a one-degree orb at 17Aquarius19. Because the ASC is so close to the Saturn degree at 19Aquarius21, we include that degree in determining a window of initiation, always in the vicinity of about nine months, also the time it takes a woman to carry a child to term. It turns out that on November 22 2022, at 12:30pm in Dallas, Saturn is at 19Aquarius22, with the Ascendant at 20Aquarius16. This week certainly marks the end of the second Saturn Return. 

I believe the killing of Kennedy has strong connections to our current time. It is also far from the only significant astrological clue relative to the fate and destiny of America and the World. I have written extensively over the last few years about the Pluto Return, the Neptune opposition and square to Mars in Gemini, the triple Mars square Neptune (with the retrograde one having just happened), the anomalies and rarities of the US election day, and more. 

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My view, based on astrological and historical research, as well as living through the killings of the three kings in my formative years, leads me to the following possibility, and not to be in denial about: If 1963 was a US coup d’etat, then the current timeframe is a far more global phenomena, that is, a global coup d’etat – a totalitarian form of globalism, intending the elimination of individual and national sovereignty, AI driven trans-humanism, and digital everything, run by unelected billionaire technocrats. I am certainly not the only one who has come to these conclusions; but I am one of the few using astrology in this way. 

I urge us to remember the murder of Kennedy, and not by a loner nutcase. I also suggest to being aware that it was the CIA that invented the term “conspiracy theory” just after JFK’s murder, to discredit anyone questioning the mainstream narratives. As always, research, be sceptical, and come to your own conclusion. 

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