JULY 4, 2022

By Daniel Giamario

For many reasons that I have shared elsewhere, I prefer Dane Rudhyars’s rectification of the US chart.  Here is the data that I use (from Rudhyar): July 4, 1776 5:13:55PM  Philadelphia, PA.  Although Solar Returns are not one of my top tier techniques, I have included here the USA Solar Return Chart on her 246th Birthday for reference.  What I have emphasized for a number of years now, is the Pluto Return and the second Neptune Opposition, with the fifth Chiron Return soon to follow in 2024. Of note to not overlook is the second exact Pluto conjunction on July 11th at 27Capricorn32. Coming soon this Fall is the US Progressed New Moon.

Something else has recently captured my attention.  Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, is now at 14Cancer07 longitude by precession.   The US Sun is 13Cancer19.  The destiny of the US is intrinsically linked with this most important star, with her birth at their union.  Though certainly beyond the scope of a FaceBook post, it’s pretty clear to most researchers how much the Egyptian mysteries influenced the US Founding Fathers.  Across the globe, certain areas of the heavens have been dominant as symbols of great civilizations: particularly Sirius and the stars of the Pleiades.  Egypt and Africa seem to favor Sirius.   Australia, Meso-America, Polynesia and ancient America have favored the Pleiades.  This is something to ponder.   The heliacal rise of Sirius (so important to Egypt) now occurs in US latitudes August 9-11th.  This begins the so-called “dog days”.

A few other items of interest.  Mars enters Taurus 11:04PM PDT on the 4th.  This begins a most momentous ingress in this final portion of the elder wisdom phase of the current Mars Aries synodic overstory.  Please refer to my recent Solstice Seminar that includes lots of info about the Mars/Uranus/North Node alignment and the triggers with the 2022 eclipses: https://shamanicastrology.com/june-solstice-seminars-2022-sign-up-for-free You can also see my US chart research here: https://shamanicastrology.com/archives/13745

Last but not least, as of this week, the rare and amazing 5 planet morning star alignment will come to a close.  There will not be anything like this until 2040, with all 5 visible planets arrayed in their natural order.  As of July 3rd, Mercury has reached his guardian of the threshold phase and by July 8th, will disappear into the celestial underworld assuming his psychopomp identity.


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