June Solstice Reflections and Considerations



By Daniel Giamario

The exact June Solstice is 2:14AM PDT early Tuesday morning.  This is the moment the Sun is farthest North of due East or West and located at the directional/tropical Zodiac at 0 Degree of the sign Cancer.  The word “Solstice” means “Sun stands still”.  The Solstices are quite a bit different from Equinoxes, as the Sun, as can be seen on the horizon at sunrise and sunset, rises and sets at precisely the same place for three days.  The “three days” issue is somewhat ceremonial and traditional, as from June 5th through July 5th the Sun lingers within one degree of the same rising or setting placement.  Unlike for Equinoxes, where the Sun moves really fast, requiring experiential ceremony to occur with a 24 hour time period, there is far greater latitude for Solstice ceremony.

The location of the June Cancer Sun, as seen amongst the stars and constellations, is really important to be aware of.  The Cancer Solstice is located between the left foot of the Twins constellation (Gemini) and the left horn of the Bull constellation (Taurus).  This location is also where the ecliptic (the path that the Sun travels around the zodiacal constellations) and the Galactic Equator (called the Milky Way) intersect.  This location is also near the center of a circle of stars that the Lakota called “The Sacred Hoop” and modern astronomers sometimes egregiously call a “speedway”.  The Lakota included the Pleiades in the hoop, but modern astronomers exclude the Pleiades from the “speedway”!  This astronomical configuration is very possibly the original source of the ancient symbol of a circle with a cross.  

There are other important astronomical and mythic aspects to the June Solstice.  0 Cancer is the exact opposite of the more well known location of Galactic Center (GC) between the Scorpion and Archer constellations.  This is also called the “Golden Gate”.  It’s possible to envision the Golden Gate as either the Gate of Ascension or the place where all that is spent, and needing of composting, is sent out into the great black hole at the center of our galaxy for ultimate renewal.  Meanwhile the opposite place, what astronomers inelegantly call the Galactic Anti-Center, and what our school calls the Galactic Edge (GE), is welcoming new creation.  From a great number of global aboriginal traditions around the world, this place in the sky, between the Bull and the Twins, and situated at the center of the cross within the circle, has been always seen as the place where souls enter into incarnation, down the Milky Way (Galactic Equator), and first encountering the gates of duality at the feet of the twins, seen in the sky as a great Roman numeral II.  This Galactic Edge gate has been called the “Silver Gate”, the place of incarnation.   

When engaging in your June Solstice ceremonials, keep this in mind.  Should you be working with the sunrises or sunsets, be aware that the Sun is at the Galactic Edge, receiving energetic transmissions from outside the galaxy, as well as inviting all that is visionary and new; including the new souls that are incarnating.  Be open to as much of the incoming new insights and intuitions as we endeavor to assist in the creation of a totally new epoch.  Be a part of what Jung suggested: “to dream the vision onwards”.

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