Jupiter Conjuncts Neptune


By Daniel Giamario

The much anticipated exact conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune is tomorrow, April 12th, at 7:42AM PDT at 23Pisces58.  There is a great deal to share about this, and I refer you to the Equinox seminar a few weeks ago for the larger story– https://shamanicastrology.com/march-equinox-2022.  I will share some of the highlights here.

This is the first Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in PISCES since March 17, 1856.  The pattern is every 166 years.  The next won’t happen until 2188.  Their last conjunction at the turning of an astrological age was in 113BCE, seeding a 166-year period through 54CE.  I feel that the exact conjunction (following the influence of Dane Rudhyar) is the seed point, like the “new moon” of the historical 166-year time-frame.  Like any new moon, this conjunction establishes the archetypal pattern for the 166 years to come—a Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces epoch.  If the one in 113BCE was part of the zeitgeist of the transition to the Pisces Age, this will be part of the even greater transition occurring now, that is of a greater order of magnitude than a shift into an Aquarian Age.  1962-2034 is a “Great Turning”, which also includes the convergence of many timelines: the end of Kali Yuga, the end of the “Fifth Sun” of the Mayan calendar, the end of a “Fourth Turning”, the 6th mass extinction, as well as the end and beginning of an entire 26,000 year precessional cycle.  What an amazing time to be alive!

Jupiter expands, activates, and amplifies whatever it forms a relationship with.  In itself, this characteristic? Process?  is neither good nor bad.  In the current case, Neptune in Pisces is the recipient.  What can expanded Neptune in Pisces mean?  Celestial world Neptune connects us with the universal Love force of Ananda.  When present, we can feel as though we are being ‘held’ by that Love emanating and pervading all that is, from the One Reality, in harmony with the Law of One.  The connection can be felt, not just imagined or thought about.  From this place, all is well, and the Universe is unfolding as it should.  From a Middle World perspective, however, confusion and delusion can also greatly increase.  Ungroundedness and unrealistic idealisms can lead to extreme spiritual bypass and light polarization.  The Piscean hunger for expanded and altered states of consciousness can lead either to self-realization or delusional madness.  This is particularly true if one is not remembering that our journey includes both evolution but also involution.  The Underworld part of this equation is, as always, surrender; here it’s the surrender of the limited egoic self, akin to the Buddhist perception that the “Self” is empty.  In Vedic language the Atman and Brahman are one.

As with any monthly New Moon, the ceremonial significance of planting a seed of intention is quite important.  The intentional visioning of this seed point can be seen to extend for 166 years.  This visioning process, that includes the creation of a new narrative, is so important now.  Various names have been given to this: “The Great Awakening”, The Greater Reset, Prime Earth, 3D to 5D, etc.  Our school uses “The Turning of the Ages”.  Each of us has a part to play.  For me I am not visioning the so-called “Great Reset”, as being promoted by a small group of scientific and corporate elites who think they know what’s best for us.  This is a delusional vision lacking any Piscean compassion or empathy, rather connected to the shadow of Aquarius.  Let us not be deluded.  I love the words of a song from 1967:

“I opened my Heart to the whole Universe, and found it was Loving”  –Roger Mcguin, the Byrds


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