Jupiter Enters Aries and More – May 9th, 2022


By Daniel Giamario

On Tuesday May 10th at 4:22PM PDT, Jupiter will enter Aries.  This is just an initial thrust into Aries, lasting until October 27, 2022, when Jupiter retrogrades back the last few degrees of Pisces.  On December 20th, Jupiter returns to Aries, continuing there until May 16th, 2023.  This pattern is quite similar to 2010-2011 when Jupiter entered Aries June 10 until September 9th, 2010, then briefly retrograding back into the later degrees of Pisces, before a longer stretch in Aries from Jan.22nd-June 4th, 2011.

Much attention has been placed on the recent conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces last month, seeding a period of 166 years.  However, in many ways, the events this May featuring the sign of Aries may be even more significant for this current year.  Venus has recently entered Aries (May 2nd).  Mars will soon enter Aries on May 24th, closely followed by the strong conjunction of Mars with Jupiter on May 29th at 3Aries19.  Mars into Aries is an important signpost in the 26 month synodic over-story of Mars.  This over-story just happens to be featuring the sign of Aries, the sign that Mars occupied at his opposition back in October 2020.  It was way back in March 19, 2020 when Mars last conjoined Jupiter (22 Capricorn), well before the current synod.  We can remember well what was happening in March of 2020!

Venus in Aries is a yearly event and Mars in Aries only happens every 2-3 years.  Jupiter in Aries happens about every 12 years.  All three (along with Saturn in Aquarius) remain in good view high up in the Morning Sky throughout May.  For over 2000 years Mars has been strongly associated with the sign of Aries.  Whatever Jupiter aligns with, it expands and amplifies, for good or ill.  What is at stake here?

Mars and Aries have been associated with war and masculinity for over 2000 years.  What we need to remember is that this represents a patriarchal view, and hopefully not their true essence.  Within the more recent understanding, the portents of these Aries placements can be quite foreboding, in light of current world events, as the United States hegemon seems hell bent on all out war.  May 9 has figured prominently in recent events related to the current Ukraine situation: May 9, 1945 was Germanys surrender in Moscow, and May 9, 1955 was when Germany entered NATO.  However, concepts like professional armies, domination, state-sponsored terror, and toxic masculinity are actually more recent developments when looking at the 300,000 years of Homo Sapiens on the planet.  As Shamanic Astrologers, our intention is to perceive Mars and Aries differently.  We can see both as protectors of the Earth, her people, and especially their culture, families and children.  Beyond even that, as protectors of the anima mundi (the world soul) and the cosmic order itself.  We can also conceive of an Aries (for both men and women) where men refuse to uphold toxic patriarchal masculinity, or where women do not consciously or unconsciously support it.

May the expansion and amplification provided by Jupiter achieve that better outcome, as there is much at stake for all of global humanity and the Earth herself.

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