Jupiter In Aquarius 2009

JupiterJupiter moved into the sign of Aquarius on January 5 and will remain in Aquarius until January 19, 2010. In some cultures, Jupiter was known as the “year star” since it took almost exactly a year to move through a sign or constellation.  It is interesting to note that the original Chinese calendar was based on the movement of Jupiter through the 12 constellations along the Celestial Equator (or where the Earth’s Equator is located in Space).  In Shamanic  Astrology, Jupiter activates and expands anything it contacts and by sign is illuminating  the year’s leading edge for Global Humanity.

The glyph or symbol for Aquarius shows two waves .  One wave represents the zeal for radical uniqueness, which historically has almost always aligned with the progressive, avant-garde, egalitarian, and universal ideals of humanity. The other wave represents the specific spiritual orientation of Aquarius: objective awareness, or the ability to locate the cosmic overview, the “high” or fair witness, like a great eagle that flies closest to Great Spirit.

I am perceiving the purpose of Jupiter in Aquarius, the dharma of this year, to be mature “grown-up” idealism (see Elizabeth Debold’s  article in Enlighten NEXT magazine).  May humanity awaken, to higher love, higher law, and higher truth with universal ideals! Allegiance to these values is neither childish or naïve at this time of the Turning of the Ages.  Rather, it is the objective and realistic perception of the truth of who we are.

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