Jupiter Stations Direct November 23

by Erik Roth | Nov 20, 2022 

The biggest planet in our Solar System is stationing direct on the 23rd of November.  This happens at 28°47’ Pisces.  The exact point where Jupiter changes direction (3:02 pm PST) happens only 5 minutes after the exact New Moon (2:57 pm PST) in Sagittarius (1°37’), a very rare synchronicity. 

But when a planet stations direct or retrograde, it barely “moves” for a few days and certainly imperceptible to our eyes.  So even the exact moment when Jupiter changes course, it has been at a “standstill” for a few days already.  Just as there is a solar standstill (solstice, when the Sun reaches its extreme positions)) and a lunar standstill (when the Moon reaches its extreme positions), planets can do the same at the station points.

Note: planets have extreme positions in another way above and below the ecliptic, but that is a topic for another day.

This station point reminds us that the “year star” as Jupiter is occasionally called, rarely matches our calendar year.  But typically, it can spend 12-13 months in one sign, depending upon its retrograde loop.

And Jupiter is still very bright in the evening sky, at a -2.6 magnitude, sitting near the March equinox point in the Fish constellation, going through on average, one of the zodiacal constellations over a year’s time.  The Chinese used this bright year-star in their astrology and astronomy greatly before the influence from the Western zodiac, turning it into what their zodiac is now.

Jupiter and the Sign of Pisces

Jupiter spent 2022 shifting between the two signs of Pisces and Aries.  In 2023, it’ll be in Aries and Taurus (beginning May 16th), but it won’t retrograde back into Aries.  The two signs are very different from each other.  And this is a reminder that any two signs right next to each other in the zodiac are vastly different whereas the ones opposite each other have a lot more similarities.

Pisces is where Jupiter stations direct, having been in this sign since October 27/28, which will continue until December 20th, showing Jupiter taking about a month to move under two degrees.  Pisces emphasizes a focus upon the heart, dreams and the mystical.  But it also opens up territory to be of greater service in our communities and the world in general. And Aries is more of a fiery spirited archetype, focused on a given mission and purpose as well as competitive and actional. It is not so much concerned with empathy and has a different view of the heart and dreams.

Empathy and compassion are vital traits in humanity and Pisces has these in spades.  Pisces can teach us a healthy way that this can be expressed.  One way strength comes in is through being sensitive to others and all that is around.  It is in this, that Pisces gives one of its greatest gifts (all signs/archetypes have their gifts).

Jupiter is the planet of the vision quest and Jupiter now moving direct will help the energies of Pisces also move forward a bit.  But it is not without its complexity as Neptune is only 6 degrees away at this station point.  In March, Jupiter drew close to Neptune, then conjunct Neptune in April. This is the final leg of Jupiter journey with Neptune until 2035 rolls around, when they reconnect in the sign of Aries.

With this connection over the next few weeks, it may not be entirely clear as to what the intent is except to embrace the unknown and having faith.

With all of that to keep in mind, perhaps we can connect into the sides of the mystical and to be of service in the world.  Also this gift of empathy is expanded upon during this last transit of Jupiter in Pisces.  Maybe this is a way to help us understand the other part of being human and how we are all prone to the unhealed or more rightly, unintegrated pain and wounds of the psyche that help drive more pain and wounds into the world.  In recognizing those, it begins the process of healing.  

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