Jupiter Stations Retrograde/New Moon July 28, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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At 05°38’ in Leo at 10:55am PDT on July 28, the Full Moon takes place.   On this same day, a few hours later, the bright planet Jupiter stations retrograde at 08°43’ in the sign of Aries (a close fire trine).  This adds to a very active month that caps off with the triple conjunction in Taurus between the North Node, Uranus and Mars (you can discover more about the Taurus conjunction here: https://youtu.be/bLjovfKAWnI

Jupiter moved through all of Pisces in 2022, ingressing into the sign of Aries back in May.  It’s now at it’s farthest point this year and won’t reach the rest of the Aries degrees until 2023.   Jupiter, itself, in shamanic astrology, has qualities of expansion, one’s vision quest path or path of enlightenment.  It is our experiential road we journey to learn most readily about our life purpose.  

Jupiter in Aries gives us a preview of a plan of action toward a common mission and purpose.  This is an archetypal force that can be harnessed to defend and fight for something truly worth the effort.  Since Jupiter’s station point is less than 8 degrees from Chiron, there is an important connection between these two planets in the Aries transmissions we are all connecting with.  More about Jupiter in Aries (with Chiron) here: https://youtu.be/qM6miVUN36o

This gives us a way to really deal with our Aries-related wounds collectively.  Some of the major themes revolve around:

Mission and Purpose

War and its Aftermath

Grieving from Loss (especially due to war, confrontations and related conflicts)

The New Moon in Leo takes place a few hours before the stationing of Jupiter retrograde.  New Moons tend to center around new beginnings, resetting and seeding the future.  Leo’s essence is “radical, radiant, self-love”, which is a powerful creative force, charismatic, visionary and can carry the torch of leadership.  

The Sabian Symbol of Leo 6, “An old-fashioned conservative woman is confronted by an up-to-date girl” relates to, “conservatism challenged by changing, energetic forms.  Learning to let one’s hair down.  Letting go and having a good time.  Issues of age and what one’s capable of.  Ideas challenged.  Learning experiences.  Renovations.  Business takeovers.  Different capabilities and talents.  People acting or working together regardless of their differences.  Generation gaps.  Concentrating.  Face to face meetings. (from The Sabian Oracle by Lynda Hill pg 126).

We can see that this symbol is a spark of new light that may crack open the traditions and a more conservative approach.  This is about meeting together and cooperating in some way to establish a new, vibrant form of future that can’t be created alone by either the conservative or the up-to-date person or youth.  This could be a day to co-create rather than a go-it-alone approach.
It is potent day overall, especially when considering the trifecta conjunction in Taurus, which reaches it’s peak on August 1st near 19 degrees Taurus.

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