Life by the Stars – A Poem

Nov 23, 2023 | by Susan Marshall |

Life by The Stars


Our planets dance in slotted houses

Domains that reign and guide the train

The signs give flavor, adorn with stars

Personas, masks and costumes worn


The aspects speak to storylines

Dynamics fuel and fill our minds 

Those places where we love and bleed

Our hunger, desperation’s need


Easy riding or challenge fierce

Defining lines like arrows pierce

The mettle of our soul is tested

Along divine degrees divested


We live to learn the lesson Rising

Our struggle is to do its biding

Within the bounds, our tribe in life

The face we show, our deepest strife


Though in our heart of hearts we know

The path we’ve trod, our Moon does show

A journey picked up where we ended

The class we passed, arenas tended


From this we earned our PhD

An easy strength, a firm degree

Our inner world is filtered through

The waves imbued with lunar hue


Our role within this destined course

The node will guide expressive force 

Unfolding in ascending space

Expansion slow, at one’s own pace


Venus shows a woman’s face

The strengths she brings, her favored place

Along with rising’s filtered glow

This archetype her truth does show


The same for Mars, a man revealed

Towards what great end his soul is geared

How he shows his passion best

The way he builds a sturdy nest


The Sun is simply fuel we burn

The stuff of ego, how we churn

A whirlwind of persona lived

Structures pegging complex whims


Juno speaks to what we yearn

How love can live, what feels secure

Relating in a comfy manner

Our hearth and home, a solid standard


Chiron’s wound is where we’re crippled

Broken down to seed a ripple

Building up from weakness, strength

To offer healing’s deepest length


The MC points our north star clear

A stage on which our gifts are cheered

Vocation, calling, dharma pointed

Our talents find their home anointed


Across the sphere, we find what’s dear

A cozy place, safe inner-near

The home we knew, the one we build

A space where hearts will be fulfilled


Descending from the Rising angle

Our soulmate’s sketch the heavens dangle

The colors of our inner longing

Completion found in union’s bonding


The rings of Saturn tie and bind

Constrict the breath for late unwind

Demanding that we do our duty

To earn the prize, the precious booty


Expansion lives in Jupiter’s berth

With joy and hope and feckless mirth

The steady route to wisdom’s promise

Dharma seeds our soul’s great purpose


Our complex lives the sky defines

Each soul unfolds its grand design

Awareness offers insights deep

To choose our path, to wake from sleep 

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