Lunar-Planetary Stellium in Aquarius – March 27, 2022

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By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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As of 5:55pm PDT on March 26th the Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and staying there for over 51 hours.  This transit of the Moon will be particularly potent as it conjuncts Vesta, Mars, Venus, Juno and Saturn over that roughly 2-day span time span.  This is all happening as Jupiter gets closer to its single conjunction with Neptune in the sign of Pisces (for the first time in 166 years ) on April 12.

Both of the archetypes of Aquarius and Pisces are strongly linked to the concept of the upper world, and both will certainly be in play during the time the Moon transits Aquarius.  This means when it comes to our realities, it is being thrown into question and brought onto a global-level stage.  Focusing on the Aquarius stellium, the Moon can play the role of an activator of this leading-edge of the archetypes.  Aquarius is highly unconventional and unorthodox in its expression.

This sign also connects us to idealized philosophies of freedom/democracy, universal love and spiritual ascension or awakening from the physical realm.  Aquarius is much more focused on the mind and consciousness than it is with the physical body.

Dane Rudhyar writes in his book, Astrological Signs, that “Aquarius represents civilization expanding or reforming itself through its inventors, seers and revolutionists.” and called the “Liberator who saves a people from bondage and renews civilization without destroying its basic structure.” Rudhyar describes how “power is released” through this sign that was generated with Capricorn.

Saturn is the key player here as the slower-moving planet in this stellium in Aquarius.  With the intent to see a balanced view of humanity and even idealistically without class, caste or hierarchy, Saturn shows us the rules and laws that govern our lives.

Perhaps this is where the new ideas meet the decaying operating manual of humanity in order to forge a new one.  But one that supports an Earth-level constitution born in the reality of what we can dream into existence.

Saturn reminds us that time and work are necessary to create what we want, and that thoughts and ideas will need Saturn’s commitment to a sustainable future.

In the West, our awareness of the environment increases strongly whenever Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius since the 19th Century and/or when Saturn is aligned with Neptune or Uranus.

During these few days, questions and inquiries we can mull over are:
What is your definition of freedom of thought?
How can we adapt to the rapid shifting and prepare ourselves mentally for radical changes?

This is an invitation to be novel in our lives, meaning try new things that support new healthy experiences
What can we do to act in our local community to also support humanity on a global level?

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