Major Events of The Week: Conjunctions and an Out-of-Bounds Moon

March 27, 2023 | by Daniel Giamario |

Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction

Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction, March 27 2023

On Monday evening, March 27 at 11:50 pm PDT, an interesting pairing of Mercury and Jupiter occurs at 18Aries13. That evening, just after sunset, both planets will be about 11degrees above the horizon.   Jupiter is descending into the exterior underworld, possibly the last opportunity to see Jupiter until rising as a morning star in May. Meanwhile, Mercury is rising out of the exterior underworld, the psychopomp phase in the synod, and just beginning the Hermes evening star phase on the way to greatest elongation on April 11. You will need quite a low horizon and dark sky to be able to see this. 

What I find fascinating is, this is very nearly the exact U.S. Chiron degree, and another precursor and presaging event for her fifth Chiron return and the great American eclipse of April 8, 2024. Mercury could be seen as imparting teachings and warnings to Jupiter for his underworld sojourn.

Moon Conjuncts Mars

On Tuesday at 6:19am PDT, the Moon will join Mars at 1Cancer29. In North America, you can witness this on Monday and Tuesday evening. This is a particularly significant event in the currently unfolding Gemini Mars synodic overstory.  It’s the second (of 8) challenges/quests/labors of Mars on his way to the exterior underworld on September 30. TOTAMS refers to this time-frame as Phase Two of the 25+ months of the current synodic cycle. With the Moon conjuncting Mars, a gate/portal opens, rather similar to the Venus gates, which directly confronts the magic and mystery of the Galactic Edge (0 Cancer) at the intersection of the galactic plane and the plane of the solar system. This sometimes is known as the “Silver Gate”, the place where souls enter and new creation emerges. 

What will the Mars quester, for both men and women, do with these new transmissions? Hopefully, it will assist in overturning the patriarchal hijack of the planet Mars. See “The Patriarchal Hijack of The Planets” which was part of our March Equinox Seminars. CLICK HERE to enroll for free.

Out Of Bounds Intensities

Also on Tuesday, March 28, the Cancer Moon will stretch out as far as 27N54 declination, considerably more than 4 degrees beyond the ecliptic. This OOB phenomenon is also quite noticeable on Monday and Wednesday. Consider using keywords like: eccentric, unassimilable, outsider, outlander, and seeing beyond the boundaries. This can clearly be seen in the world, regardless of whether you yourself have an OOB Moon.

It is significant that Mars also is quite far OOB at 25N31. Mars is OOB from October 22, 2022, until May 5, 2023. I have never before seen a time-period this long! The conjunction with the Moon on March 28 is 25N31, nearly the maximum within this OOB phase. The greatest maximum was March 18-20 at 25N27 declination. This is such an outstanding opportunity to see beyond the boundaries of “normal” Mars in Cancer. However, should patriarchal Mars prevail, then the clannish and nationalistic proclivities of this configuration could also go beyond its bounds and become engaged in some brutal and instinctual actions. I pray not.

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