March Equinox Seminars Start Next Week

Friday March 19th-Wednesday March 24th, 2021             

Every year around the time of the March Equinox, the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School ™ has celebrated this time of year with special events.  Often it has been in-person all-school gatherings and retreats.  Due to the continuing extraordinary global circumstances, we are offering five different Zoom seminars.  This worked out quite well last year at this time, and we hope that you can join in one or more of these offerings.


Friday March 19th, “GLOBAL UPDATE” with Daniel Giamario and Levi Banner

Leading off will be a GLOBAL UPDATE with SAMS Co-Founder, Daniel Giamario, and Levi Banner, a fully initiated certified Shamanic Astrologer, heading up school efforts in Bali.  These two, from completely different generations, will update us on the extraordinary astrological and historical cycles that global humanity is currently experiencing.  They will explore the larger 26,000 precessional cycle, its relationship with the Kali Yuga, the Jupiter/Saturn so-called “great mutation” in Aquarius, and the triple square of Saturn to Uranus, and the other most important cycles of 2021.  This follows up on the 2017 presentations in the SAMS produced summit “Preparing for 2020”, and several other presentations in 2020 and 2021.  Without much doubt, the times we are in include the most extraordinary set of circumstances for global humanity in 12,900 years, at least.  Click here for background information.

Saturday March 20th, “Sex and Gender in the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™” with Daniel Giamario and SAMS President Mary Kern

Next up is evolving new material looking into sex and the ever-expanding gender roles in these deeply confusing times.  Also explored will be how this impacts relational concepts and choices.  Beyond identity politics, this will continue the long process that came into prominence in the early 1970’s, with the emergence of the most recent women’s movements and gay liberation.  They will demonstrate the revolutionary approach of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™ for establishing a foundation to help with the current climate of divisions and separation.  Click here for recent background information 

Sunday March 21st, “Mars Focus with Erik Roth and Daniel Giamario”

The understanding of the synodic cycles of the inner planets comprises one of the five “crown jewels” of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™.  Erik has worked extensively with Daniel over the years to explore and evolve our understanding of the Mars cycle.  This seminar will be an ‘everything Mars’ sharing, including the current Aries “overtone”, Mars cycles, and Mars returns.  They will also discuss the need for a new understanding of Aries, for men and women.  The implications of this for the Inner Sacred Marriage Process (another “crown jewel”) will be presented.  Lastly, the Mars cycle can be seen as a description of the archetypal human lifespan.  Click here for recent background information.

Tuesday March 23rd, “Mercury Focus with Daniel Giamario and Awen Labow”

This will be an “everything Mercury” presentation.  Mercury is often overlooked by many astrologers (even us sometimes!).  Daniel, with the help of Awen, the new treasurer and managing director of SAMS, will share quite unique understandings of the Mercury cycle.  We will also delve into the Aquarius, Gemini, and Libran Mercury overtones of 2021.  Also included will be a deep dive into Mercury retrogrades and Mercury returns.  Learn how all the mythic Mercury/Hermes/Iris roles can be found in the Mercury cycle.  This information has only previously been available in the SAMS Synodic Cycles Online Course.

Wednesday March 25th, “Venus Alchemy with Cayelin Castell and Tami Brunk”

Presented by SAMS co-founder Cayelin Castell and past SAMS president Tami Brunk, this will be a deep dive into the current underworld phase of the Venus cycle and the upcoming evening star phase of the Gemini overtone/meta-goddess.  She will rise from the underworld near the Pleiades and her first gate evening star gate occurs with the royal star Aldebaran, close to where she began her current journey in June of 2020.  Implications for men and the inner sacred marriage process will also be included. Click here for more information.

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