Mars, Aldebaran, and Archangel Michael


September 4-6

by Daniel Giamario

The most extreme Out of Bounds Moon so far in 2022 is around 6-7AM PDT on September 5. The Capricorn Moon will reach 27S13 degrees declination. See my August 22nd post for more about OOB Moons here:…/I have been placing a great deal of attention on Mars and Gemini recently. This will even increase over these next months. Mars entered Gemini on August 20 2022, and because of the Mars retrograde in Gemini, it will remain in Gemini until March 25 2023. The retrograde extends what would normally be a six-or-seven-week transit through Gemini to over seven months! The next Mars Synodic Overstory features Gemini, with a full birthing happening at the Mars/Sun opposition on December 7 2022. You can see a deeper explanation of the Mars synodic journey here:

Because of its retrograde motion, Mars in Gemini is having a TRIPLE CONJUNCTION with the royal star Aldebaran. Currently located at 10Gemini05 on the sign-based zodiac, Aldebaran is fixed for many thousands of years as the eye of the Bull; the “Bullseye” of the constellation of the Bull (Taurus as the constellation, not the sign). Ancient Babylonian sidereal zodiacs used Aldebaran as the prime fiducial. The first exact conjunction is this Wednesday September 7, followed by December 26, and again on January 30, 2023. Mars will be within a 5degree orb with Aldebaran from August 29 to September 17, and again from December 10 2022 through to February 18 2023!

About 5100 years ago, Aldebaran was the watcher and guardian of the EAST, as it was located then at the vernal equinox. As a Royal and Behenian star, Aldebaran has also been associated with Archangel Michael in many traditions, esoteric as well as mainstream. I have always loved Archangel Michael. According to Steiner it is Archangel Michael who is most directly connected to global humanity’s current crisis. I also love my long-time friend and colleague Kadea Metara’s take on Michael:

“It was during the late 1980’s that the energy of Archangel Michael came into my awareness, revealing himself as being a Cosmic instrument of the Divine Mother – the Truth Consciousness Manifesting Force of Creation. Being the spiritual warrior and leader of the angelic realm, his mission is to defend the truth and slay with his Sword of Truth anything that is hostile to Divine Will and Divine Realization. He is the defender and protector of the Sacred Feminine from anti-divine energies and entities. He is a fearless expression of the Divine Masculine Consciousness, never destroying for personal gain or revenge. Because each incarnated soul here on earth comes in on an archetypical stream of Cosmic Consciousness, the Michael archetypes when faced with a mission here on earth that they feel was a failure, become deeply wounded, feeling they are bad and have done something wrong and need to be redeemed. They then spend many lifetimes of shame and guilt trying to correct being bad by trying to be good. The patriarchal society we now live in has hijacked this beautiful powerful Michael archetype and these individuals now are healing from a distortion of this much needed Spiritual Warrior Slayer of Ignorance. There is a spiritual war occurring now for the souls of humanity and we all need to be open to calling on Archangel Michael and his Sword of Truth. I have found that Michael is always available to help when called upon to destroy anything that may be standing in the way of our soul’s evolution.”

I invite you all to tune directly into Mars and Aldebaran dancing together in the morning sky. You cannot miss them. Each week Mars will grow brighter, becoming increasingly more brilliant red/orange than Aldebaran.

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