Mars and Jupiter in Aries Have Arrived

By Daniel Giamario


The upcoming alignment of Mars with Jupiter on May 29th at 3Aries19 is quite possibly of equal significance to the recent alignment of Venus with Jupiter at 27Pisces57.  There are, however, several really important presaging events over these next few days.

On Tuesday May 24th at 2:33PM PDT, the Moon conjuncts Mars.  The conjunction is at 29Pisces56.  Tuesday and Wednesday mornings in the Americas will find a waning crescent Moon close to Mars.  In my view, this initiates an entire lunation amplifying the journey of Mars, which, except for less than two hours, takes place entirely in Aries.  The morning sky remains an amazing spectacle, as first Saturn, then Jupiter and Venus are also having the Moon’s waning crescent pay a visit.  Do notice how closely Mars has drawn to Jupiter.

Shortly after, on Tuesday, at 4:17PM PDT, Mars will enter Aries.  Mars last entered Aries back on June 27, 2020 as Phase Zero of our current Mars in Aries over-story.  When Mars reached opposition to the Sun on Oct.13, 2020, the Phase One birth/emergence journey of Mars commenced.  Now, about 20 months later, Mars is back in Aries once again.  This is a major transition into the final phase of this Aries over-story, known as “maturity and elder knowledge”.  This phase extends to Aug.22, 2022 when Mars enters Gemini, which will be the sign of the next Mars synodic over-story, commencing December 7, 2022.  You can learn more about this cycle here:

Jupiter entered Aries on May 10th.  Known as the “year star”, this passage through Aries occurs every twelve years.  Whatever Jupiter aligns with is expanded and amplified.  Chiron and Venus are also currently in Aries.  You can see why I am pointing out the Aries emphasis.

The Mars synodic over-story is rather rare; previous ones were 1988 and 1941.  Mars, itself, is in Aries about every two years.  Venus is in Aries every year; Jupiter is in Aries every twelve years; and Chiron in Aries is in a fifty year cycle.  Mars joins Jupiter every 11-15 months.  All are converging in Aries, with the Mars conjunction with Jupiter as the great amplifier.

The suggested meaning involves a deep inquiry into Mars and Aries, and what they have symbolized historically and traditionally.  What would Mars in Aries be if not seen through a patriarchal lens?  Can it represent something other than war and aggression?  What would elder knowledge and wisdom be for Mars in Aries?  There is no doubt that the current global situation is fraught with danger, with all things Mars and Aries heating up.  As Shamanic Astrologers I suggest we envision a post patriarchal view in these times.  For both men and women, let’s imagine a new version of warrior, a warrior for peace, who holds a strong commitment to protect the Earth, and all life; to be a protector of global humanity, its families, the children, and the diversity of culture, and even as defender of the cosmic order and the Law of One.  We offer a prayer that the elder wisdom and maturity phase for Mars can see beyond war and domination, and beyond a world of dualistic black/white and good guys and bad guys.  Much is at stake at this time of the Great Turning.


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