Mars in Gemini, August 20, 2022

August 20, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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Mars enters the sign of Gemini, signaling a major transit for a planet that tends to bring into action anything that it conjuncts.  Mars will spend about 7 months in the sign of Gemini, squaring Neptune 3 times during its passage through the sign.  It’s part of much longer Mars cycle with Gemini being the key sign or “overstory” of its cycle.  

Phase Zero is what we can refer to in this stage of the Mars synodic cycle.  It is the ending phase of one and the incubation of the next synodic cycle.  The previous Mars cycle started in Aries way back on October 13, 2020 in the last acronychal rise of Mars (Mars-Sun opposition).

Gemini is an air sign that can be considered a “free-electron” and “out-of-bounds” from the regular rules and laws that apply to other archetypes.

It is known by many names, including (but not limited to) Kokopelli, the Sacred Clown, Coyote, Trickster, Thief, Messenger, Writer, Bard, Minstrel and Fool and a modern-day expression as Peter Pan.

Watch my video for a preview of this Mars in Gemini cycle:

The full details are shared in my video and include:

  • Mars in Gemini journey
  • Synodic Cycle
  • Mars squares with Neptune
  • Mars and US Natal Chart
  • Occultation of Mars at opposition point with Sun

About every two years, Earth catches up to Mars in its orbit.  When this happens, Mars spends an exceptional amount of time in one or two signs.  In this case, Mars will spend 7 months in the sign of Gemini.

This transit through the sign of Gemini brings in a very different archetypal expression then what happened in 2020-21 when Mars spent 6 ½ months in the sign of Aries (which is the current incarnation of Mars until Dec 7th).

I’m co-facilitating a Mars in Gemini webinar on August 22nd (that also discusses the end of this phase of the Mars cycle and the beginning of the next Mars cycle) right here with Daniel Giamario.

The direct link to the class is here:

During the Gemini transit, Mars will square Neptune three times and enter into a new synodic cycle on December 7th. This is when Mars and the Sun reach opposition and is called an “acronychal rise” of Mars.  Then the official Mars synodic cycle is from December 7, 2022 to January 15, 2025.

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