Mars in Pisces – April 14/15, 2022

FACEBOOK  April 15, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus


Mars officially enters the sign of Pisces on April 14th in the Americas and the 15th for the continents east of there.  Mars has been in Aquarius for close to six weeks or 40 days.  This ingress into the sign of Pisces marks a change in the archetypal focus from one of the mind, to one of heart and spirit.  Mars will be in Pisces until May 24th.

In Shamanic Astrology, Mars represents the archetypal masculine principle and has a general resonance with the sign of Aries.  In the natal chart, this can translate into one’s relationship with the masculine within and without.  In a mundane transit, Mars can become an active force and a catalyst for the archetype involved.

Mars activates the qualities/expressions of Pisces, meaning a general uptick for both the beneficial qualities and the shadow of the sign.  Pisces is known as the Empath/Healer archetype.  It is a highly sensitive sign to the feelings and psychic impressions around it.  Pisces has a strong general inclination to be of service in the world, motivated to give or be of help.

A beneficial way this transit can be expressed is a greater awareness of “being of service” and sensitivities through empathy and compassion without egoic bias.  This means stepping aside from the ambitions of self-interest to doing things that serve others in need.

On the other end of the sign’s spectrum is an overload of taking on too much of a burden to give or be of service, weighing down through the pressure to “save the world”.  Pisces can feel so much that it can overwhelm people that have it personally placed on their natal charts.  People can also become lost in a dream or fantasy to escape the burdens and complexities of reality.

During this period involving Mars in Pisces, we can ask ourselves how to be of help in the world.  It is more about the small things and gifts to others and communities that can make a difference.  Empathy involves awareness of how others feel and sensing into what we can do to from donating time, money and energy, to simply offering to be of support when and where it is needed.

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