Mars In Scorpio Cycle 1999 to 2001

From the lens of Shamanic Astrology, the planet Mars, as it journeys through the sky represents the hero’s quest. This quest changes every 26 months as Mars begins a new quest in a new area of the sky. On April 24, 1999 Mars (4 degrees Scorpio) reached opposition to the Sun (4 degrees Taurus). This signaled the beginning of a new Mars quest in the Scorpio mysteries.

Whatever sign Mars occupies when it reaches opposition to the Sun represents the archetype of the masculine being integrated into the collective psyche of humanity for the next 26 months. Mars in Scorpio is the quest for a passionate, orgasmic connection with life force energy. When healthy and not repressed, this is the masculine expression of the king stag, the wild man in the woods, the green man who shows up at the oak grove every night to engage the sacred feminine in sacred union. Mars in Scorpio asks, “What excites my passion?” What really turns me on and feels alive in my life?” “How can I use my life force to create passionate, orgasmic, enlivening experiences?” “What are the fears that prevent me from living my passion?” Scorpio is a master of manifestation and magic. The Shaman Sorcerer connects to the source of life, to the source of life force energy. Thus, Scorpio can track what is in alignment with their true expression of the great mystery by tuning into their passionate response, or lack of one. This is the intent of the Scorpio mysteries and whatever is out of alignment with this intent invariably surfaces in the Scorpio awareness for processing.

Effectively working with this collective cycle calls us to remember to track our passion. If you don’t know what you are passionate about, that’s okay. Start with what interests you. Then go within and notice if you are feeling a passionate response. If not, go on to the next thing that interests you. However, if you are feeling juiced, feeling your batteries are getting charged, feeling aliveness around what you are doing, then you know you are on the right track. It is important to note that fear may block the experience of free flowing life force current. So, be sure to note if your response is fear based. When fear is present it is more challenging to connect with passion, and your barometer is not accurate. If you notice fear, breathe! Allow the fear to teach you and then check in again.

July 15, 1999 Mars reached the phase of his journey identified as “The Labors of Mars.” This phase lasts until Mars enters the underworld round May 10, 2000. (See the Mars Article on the Shamanic Astrology Web Site in the Articles section.) This phase includes ten conjunctions with the Moon and movement through seven signs. Several major events for the Scorpio Mars warrior occur in August. The second Moon/Mars conjunction is on August 18th at 21 Scorpio. Mars has just passed through the balance of the scales of the fixed stars Zuben Algenubi (15 Scorpio) and Zuben Al Shamali (19 Scorpio). This marks Mars’ entry into new stellar territory moving past the place where Mars began its retrograde cycle last March. This August 18 begins the second labor of Mars in the current quest when Mars conjuncts the Moon.

The first labor of Mars began on July 20th when Mars conjuncted the Moon for the first time beyond the degree where Mars began his current quest. The current quest began last April when Mars Retrograde opposed the Sun at 4 degrees Scorpio. The first labor lasts until August 18 and includes most of the momentous events of August such as the Solar Eclipse and the remarkable third time Mars and Saturn move into opposition this year happening during the potent August 11 Eclipse window. This Mars/Saturn opposition takes place while Mars is passing through the gateway stars of the Scales mentioned above. August 7 marks the square of Mars and Uranus as Uranus and the Sun reach opposition. Two hours later Mars squares the Sun. These events are precursory, helping to set the stage for the initiatory window of the eclipse itself. The data is as follows:

Aug 7, Saturday, Mars (15 degrees Scorpio nearly exactly zodiacally conjunct Zuben Algenubi and at the zodiacal cross-quarter point between the Autumnal Equinox and Winter Solstice) squares Uranus (15 degrees Aquarius at the zodiacal cross-quarter point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox) at 9:55 pm MST and PDT. Sun (15 degrees Leo and at the zodiacal cross-quarter between Summer Solstice and Autumnal Equinox. The Sun’s position marks the season so this is the season of Lammas or the cross-quarter between the seasons) opposes Uranus at 11:38 pm MST and PDT. The exact Sun/Mars square is taking place at 1:56 pm MST and PDT. Meanwhile Saturn is lingering around 17 degrees of Taurus adding to the excitement and intensity of these aspects building towards the Eclipse. At this time the one thing we know for sure is that we don’t know anything for sure. This timing will probably bring unexpected events designed to break up any resistance or blocks that are preventing Mars from feeling passionately alive. This is when we benefit immensely from completely surrendering to the process and trusting that whatever is occurring is aligned with our divine destiny. Letting go and allowing the current of life to carry us is much easier than desperately trying to hang on to all that is washing away in the flood of events.

Mars loses sight of Venus around the evening of August 14 as Venus slips into the personal underworld preparing to transform into a new feminine archetype when she rises in Leo (24 degrees) around August 25. This is an important event in the dance of Venus and Mars together. Ever since the beginning of the current Mars quest, Venus’ presence in the evening sky has acted as an ever-present source of inspiration for Mars. The current Venus/Mars Saga playing out in the Great Above is featuring a Venus/Mars conjunction or joining together in the underworld, meaning their union is invisible to our observation. This month, Venus is moving off the evening stage and leaving Mars alone for the remaining nine labors of his quest. Venus and Mars do not meet again until the grand gathering of the visible planets in the underworld next May/June2000. This gathering of planets will not be visible to the Earth based observe due to the presence of the Sun. This gathering of planets is an underworld initiation of great magnitude, requiring complete surrender and trust.

The first labor of Mars includes a decision by Mars on what course of action to follow. This decision sets the tone for the remaining labors. Some possible choices are:

Old Shamanism vs New Shamanism
Outer Earth Changes vs Inner Earth Changes
Karmic Retribution vs Grace
Goddess as Enemy vs Goddess as Ally

We may see an out-picturing of all these choices in different parts of the world. People and places that are stubbornly hanging onto outmoded ways of living and being in the world may experience the greatest intensity of external events.

During the Scorpio Birth/Emergence phase of the Mars cycle from April 24 to July15, Mars spent a great deal of time in council with the fixed blue star Spica, symbol of the great wisdom and power of the Virgin Priestess. As August progresses we will experience the results of their encounter. One of the mysteries Spica teaches is about reaping what is sewn. Over the next months we will have an opportunity to see what we have sewn in connection with these mysteries. The events of our lives and our world will answer these questions. Will there be anger, resentment and hostility expressing, or will there be the shared inner sacred union of the Virgin Priestess and the Green Man/Horned God? Will Mars lash out, possessed by his shadow, at all who have stifled his desire and passion, or will he courageously face and incorporate his inner demons into the ground of his being for enlivened passionate expression in ways that enhance life? If what we continue to sew is repression and power over others, then we will reap the destruction of these actions. If, however, we choose to sew actions that honor and acknowledge the gifts of the individual and provide a safe space for individuals to express their talents we will be co-creating a magically passionate experience of life. If we incorporate the feminine principle as equally important though uniquely different in her expression from the masculine principle, we restore the balance of sacred union and heal the split between masculine and feminine, sexuality and spirituality. Thus, in this scenario when Mars and Venus reunite in the underworld in May they will reenact the pure essence and ecstatic joy of sacred union as it was originally intended, taking us beyond all we have experienced or known or thought we have known about true sacred union.

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