Mars in Taurus July 5, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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Mars in Taurus July 4/5th

The red planet Mars enters the sign of Taurus at 11:04 pm PDT July 4th / 2:04 am PDT July 5th.  The entry of Mars in Taurus also crosses over the point where it was on January 6, 2021 in the moments of the insurrection at the US Capitol building.  In its synodic cycle, Mars is nearing the end of its 5th phase and final maturation of the sign of Aries, which began back on October 13, 2020 (last Sun-Mars opposition) encapsulating much of the energy we are experiencing with Mars and the masculine today.

The transition from the end of Aries into Taurus is a pivotal one for other reasons as it marks the beginning of runup to Mars’ conjunction with the Moon’s North Node and the planet Uranus on August 1st – a relatively rare alignment that is the closest in over one thousand years.

Taurus is about receiving the physical pleasures and comforts in life.  Its essence is sensual, artistic and personal.  It is about living the “good life” in abundance with one’s self, especially with the five basic senses.  In today’s world, Taurus is also about the conveniences of those pleasures, being just a few clicks away to obtain nearly anything.  Many things in the West are almost too convenient with our relationship to Earth paying heavy price.

Mars in Taurus is an opportunity for action in a balancing act with our relationship with conveniences and pleasures while also taking steps in fully engaging with Earth’s gardens and the bounties it provides without excess.  It’s in knowing how much provides the pleasure to savor without discomfort or pain in ourselves.  It’s in checking in with ourselves and appreciating the gifts we are already blessed with.

Mars is an active force in transit, connecting us to the masculine principle archetype that permeates the 12 signs or zodiacal archetypes the planet expresses itself through.  However, Mars is most closely resonate with the sign of Aries as an instinctual actional energy, but that does not mean that ONLY Mars is that description in Shamanic Astrology.

In the early morning sky, Mars is visible at +0.4 and slowly brightening over the coming months.  It’s orange-red light reflects out to us above a special star that marks the “knot” of water trails from the leaping Fish Constellation.  This is Alrescha, a magnitude 4 star and the most well-known of the stars (and Alpha star) in this constellation.  Below Alrescha are the cosmic waters and Cetus the whale or leviathan (constellation).

Alrescha ties the ribbons or cord of the Fish as Mars ingresses into the earthy sign of Taurus and out of the watery Fish. Mars will continue through the sign of Taurus, transiting the constellation of the Ram and above Cetus and reaches the Bull Constellation before entering the sign of Gemini on August 20th, which begins a 7-month long journey through Gemini and months later, a new synodic cycle.


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