Mars-Neptune Square on Nov 19, 2022

Nov 19, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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Mars-Neptune Square on Nov 19, 2022

Mars makes its second of the set of three squares in its time in the sign of Gemini on November 19th.  This is one of the primary highlights of this retrograde transit.

The 3 times of the Mars-Neptune square are:

October 11, 2022 – 23°21’ Gemini / Pisces

November 19, 2022 – 22°42’ Rx Gemini / Pisces

March 14, 2023 – 25°04’ Gemini / Pisces

With the many qualities of this aspect over the months while Mars is in Gemini, let’s first take a look at where in the sky Mars is and how important it is.

Mars continues to brighten in the evening sky between the horns of the Bull constellation.  This has been a special place for many thousands of years of sky watching.  All the planets cross it, including the Sun and Moon.  

This part of the sky was painted on the ancient cave walls tens of thousands of years ago and symbolized various gods and goddesses in Egypt when the Bull marked the March equinox over 4,000 years ago.  In the northern plains of ancient North America, the native people, what are now the Lakota conducted a multi-month ceremony during the time the Sun crossed into the Sacred Hoop of Stars, which includes the Bull constellation.

Since August 20th, Mars transited the Pleiades, marking the boundary of the Sacred Hoop and a portion of the outermost area of the Bull.  Mars will be in the Bull until March 25th, when it crosses the June Solstice point and the sign of Cancer.  But Mars will be in the Sacred Hoop through the middle of May, 2023.  That is the point where it gets beyond Castor and Pollux, the Twins of the sky.

The Bull constellation was the “Great Bull of Heaven” in the story of Gilgamesh about 4,000 years ago.  The “death” of the Great Bull represented the transition of matrilineal and matriarchal cultures to the patriarchal and patrilineal cultures.  A “new age” was upon the world as the Ram constellation began to move into the March equinox point.  Mars spending extra time in this area is activating this past transition.  It lives in our psyche as the dominance of the patriarchal cultures continues to the present.

In the last couple of years, Neptune has been making strides entering the constellation of the (Two) Fish.  Mars is 90 degrees (a square) “ahead” of Neptune in the sky on the 19th, which is akin to a quarter Moon.  This is a very faint area of the sky that is easily seen outside of light pollution and with Mars rising earlier in the evening now, it will be easier to see Mars and the area of the sky where Neptune is (Neptune is too faint to see with the naked eye). 

Mars in Gemini, Neptune in Pisces.  What does this mean?  The square pattern may create sharp confusion in our sense of reality and our relationship to the masculine and what actions to take in our life.  Spirituality can be called into question, especially if we are experiencing a personal astrological cycle with Mars and Neptune. 

The mind itself is expanded beyond the tethers of the middle-world form and structure, which may result in being lost in ideas and roles we want to be.  It could even result in an identity crisis at the same time it opens the mind to the heart and spirit to all being one and same in the celestial realm.

Gemini also connects us beyond the structure of duality within and how we perceive it outside.  This can be especially confusing with Neptune squaring Mars in Gemini.  Our third-dimensional reality can dissolve with Neptune’s “influence” and what we may think is our life ahead or what we may be attached to.  

For Mars to have a series of three hard (dynamic) aspects to Neptune is fairly rare.  The last time this happened (in any hard aspect) was in 2005-06 while Mars was in Taurus and Neptune in Aquarius.  The last time it happened while Mars spent several months in Gemini was in 1817-18 with Neptune opposite in the sign of Sagittarius.

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