Mars-Saturn Conjunction – April 4/5, 2022

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By Erik M Roth of  Inspiral Nexus


In the early morning sky, Mars moves into conjunction with the planet Saturn on April 4 (and 5th), 2022 at 22°24’ Aquarius.  This is the first conjunction for these 2 planets in Aquarius since March 31, 2020 at 00°32’ Aquarius.  In 2018, they were also conjunct at this time of the year, but in the sign of Capricorn on April 2nd.  In 2024, Saturn and Mars will conjunct again around this time on April 10th but at 14°40’ Pisces.  This year’s conjunction in Aquarius is further commentary on the last one in 2020, having emerged from the sign of Capricorn during the beginning of the pandemic and seed-point that it brought onto the globe.

The two planets are conjunct the two stars (Nashira and Deneb Algedi) of the tail of the Goat-Fish constellation, representing the transition from the watery domain to the middle-world earthen reality, a transition that is symbolic of our current Turning of the Ages.

Aquarius, in its essence, can help evolve our consciousness beyond the mold and societal constructs we’re deeply embedded in.  It can crack open the seed with a charge of the cosmic vision and sprinkled with novelty.  Meaning, something that hasn’t been seen or experienced is appearing on the scene beyond linear-constructive thoughts.

Mars and Saturn can bring in a strong cord of assertive activity and pushing through the limits and constraints currently in place.  This can create powerful tension that eventually will be released.  It also is a remark upon the state of the patriarchy and the masculine in general.

What feels like a slow grinding decay of the enveloping paradigm, is, actuality, moving faster than in decades and centuries prior.  It’s a matter of an awareness of the past and a higher-level perspective of how humanity is evolving across the board, including with the Earth and Sky.

The sabian symbol for this conjunction is Aquarius 23 (always adding one for a sabian symbol).  This symbol is a “big trained bear performs, sitting on a huge chair”.  What we can look at with this symbol is the fact that something powerful has been “trained” or “programmed” to entertain the people.

For Aquarius, this is a highly radical image and one that seems ready to “break free” from the chains of performance and its programming.  But it can also be looked at as something of the bear not knowing or realizing that it can be something beyond just a performer.  For Saturn in Mars here, it can feel like the foundation of this job the bear does can decay away with the insertion of new conscious awareness.

One of the more powerful effects from the pandemic and the last Saturn-Mars conjunction has been a powerfully massive shift in the workforce, especially in the United States and the rise of new unions at places that never had them.  There is a rise in fighting for equal rights among workers and in the social arena too.  Things are still fluid here, but its build up could expand even more with Saturn in Aquarius for another year.

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