Mars, the Nodes and the US Chart

This posting originally appeared in a March 22nd Facebook post.  It felt timely to include in the newsletter as a complement to the recent Equinox seminars, particularly the Global update with Levi Banner, and the Mars seminar with Erik Roth.

The Mars transit, together with the transits of the North and South Node, compel us, once again, to look in at the horoscope of the United States.  With Mars moving through Gemini now, as well as the North Node being in Gemini, this week definitely gets our attention.

The US chart, as rectified by Dane Rudhyar, shows the US Ascendant at 13Sagittarius10 and Descendant at 13Gemini10.  Additionally, the US has Mars at 21Gemini22, as well as Uranus at 8Gemini55, all in the 7th house.

Transiting Mars in Gemini will conjunct the US Descendant on Friday March 26th.  Mars will exactly conjunct the transiting North Node the very same day: March 26!  Looking ahead, Mars conjuncts the US Mars in Gemini on April 8th.

Meanwhile, the axis of the transiting Lunar Nodes will precisely align with the United States DSC/ASC axis on Monday March 26nd at 13Gemini22/13Sagittarius22.  The Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™ uses a 6 month window for these initiatory time-frames, 3 months on either side.  So, the Nodal alignment with the US DSC/ASC axis runs from December 26, 2020-June 26,2021.  

The previous nodal alignment on the US DSC/ASC axis was June 6, 2002 through December 6, 2002 with the bulls-eye on September 6th.  Strangely, just before this, Mars was also in Gemini.  Among the things that occurred then were: an 18 year stock market low, the beginnings of the attacks on Iraq, with hundreds of thousands protesting the US led actions, around the world, there were major Israeli/Palestinian escalations, and the one year anniversary of the 9/11/2001 event.

In recent posts, I have speculated on the Mars in Gemini transit, within the Aries overtone.  And also, we had checked in on the US chart.  With regards to the Nodal alignments, this is most often quite positive and future oriented, and at its best, signifies collaboration with friends, partners, and allies; but only if the country is in alignment with its original intent.  Much the same interpretation could be made for Mars conjunct the US Descendant. 

This Mars transit and the Lunar Nodes transit are highly significant, and clearly we are in their initiatory windows.  And remember, without even taking into considering the US chart, Mars conjuncting the North node on March 26th ,is quite significant, in its own right.  This relates to what Mars, in archetypal Aries can, in fact, learn from new and old insights coming from emerging universal intent from the Galactic Edge, regarding the Gemini mystery school.  If all this wasn’t enough, Mars will enter a rare out-of bounds time frame on March 22nd!  Yet another wild card.

Still to come July 29th, the North Node is with the US Uranus.  Relative to the US chart, the wild card has always been its Mars in Gemini, quite often at odds with the Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Rising idealistic and revolutionary intent.  This next week should offer a lot of clues as to what is possible.  And another thing to watch closely is the beginning of an 8 month time frame of transiting Jupiter on the US Moon that begins April 16.

Here is a link to the previous look at the US chart from a FaceBook post on February 1st.

by Daniel Giamario

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