Meet Our Recent Graduate, Amy Campbell Topham

On March 2nd, 2022 the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School held a graduation ceremony for 6 students who each completed all the required coursework to achieve their foundational level of certification as a Shamanic Astrologer.

This is Amy Campbell Topham’s  personal statement:

I had my first Shamanic Astrology reading from Erik Roth in 2015, during my Pluto square Pluto transit. Hearing that what I was going through was normal and that it wouldn’t last forever is what helped me feel secure enough to finally surrender and experience the positive empowerment that this initiation was bringing into my life. But that was only the beginning of how I was transformed! Instead of looking through the very limited perspective of my sun sign (Aries), suddenly I had access to my whole self. Right away, I knew I needed to learn more so I could help others find the healing and self-love that I had discovered. Learning Shamanic Astrology gave me the language and the container I needed to feel confident expressing the cosmic insights that are channeled through me. Consciously participating in my planetary initiations has given me a deeper understanding of how Spirit flows through my everyday life. As a trail guide to the wild within, I want to inspire others to reclaim their inherent magic and embody the most authentic version of themselves.

Contact Amy for reading at or visit her website here

Amy currently lives in Oregon.

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