Meet Our Recent Graduate – Sean Imler

Hello SAMS,

I didn’t want my letter to sound like a bio so I scrapped all of my professional blurbs and am writing to you personally about who I am on a soul level.  I was born in Hollywood, CA, 6/8/69, 6:57am.

I came here to express myself artistically, have adventure and travel, and study study study!  So far, that’s come out in various ways.  I learned to meditate when I was 17yo, and started studying astrology when I was 18yo.  I got really interested in symbolism of various sorts including the tarot.  These led me to studying esoteric philosophy at Manly P. Hall’s Philosophical Research Society when I was around 19-20yo.  I got so into it that I traveled to London to visit the Theosophical Society’s library where I made friends with the librarian which led to various great adventures including working for the non-duality writer, Rupert Spira.

I have a deep passion for music and have played in a professional marimba ensemble, “Kuzanga”, written and engineered two singer/songwriter CDs as “Rhythma”, and have sung for a couple dozen sun dances and probably 100 Inipi ceremonies (sweat lodges).  I love to sing and lead ceremonies.  It’s where my life work has led me, and I get deep rewards from engaging in bringing music and song to people.

Professionally, I’ve been working as a coach / hypnotherapist / energy medicine practitioner for the last 10 years.  You can see more at  I do house clearings and actually was just filmed for a documentary in Santa Cruz, CA just yesterday.  I do soul’s purpose astrology readings and teach shamanic practices.  I’ve written a book called, “Living a Sacred Life: The Path to the Superconscious Through Meditation and Spirit Contact”, available on Amazon.  There’s a web site where my online classes are and I’ll be posting more classes there soon on Sacred Sound Healing and Compassionate Forgiveness.

Before that, I worked in tech at various startups in Silicon Valley, and did 8 years back at Yahoo!  when it was still cool.  I do all my own web site work and on occasion, still help others with the web sties and business.  In fact, I have another mastermind called Building a Sacred Business where I have a group that I help with their businesses, and do bi-monthly ceremonies aligning people’s businesses with the cycles of the moon and their natal astrology and transits.

I love Shamanic Astrology!  I found out about Daniel about 8 years ago through Cal Garrison, a great astrologer in Sedona, AZ.  I waited WAY too long to actual dip my toe in but I’m happy to have become certified, and hopefully my life will settle down enough that I can devote more time to it.  My partner and I just bought a house in Northern San Diego county and moved our 30 history from Northern to Southern California in the past 3 months, so my life has been incredibly busy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!  Blessings to you and yours!


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