Mercury Direct and Five Planets in the Morning Sky

By Daniel Giamario


At 1:00AM PDT on Friday Morning June 3rd, Mercury is stationary direct at 26Taurus05.  About 16degrees ahead of the Sun, Mercury joins Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus as visible morning sky planets, a rather rare occurrence, not to be missed.

The stationary direct rise of Mercury in the morning sky completes the 120 day synodic overstory of Mercury highlighting Capricorn, which began back on February 3rd. This also signals the start of a new synodic overstory that will last until October 2nd.   Our school uses the Stationary direct point to begin a new Mercury cycle, rather than the Sun/Mercury retrograde conjunction, following an ancient Babylonian technique and our own naked visibility criterion.

I have received many reports from friends and clients about the great challenges they faced during this past Mercury retrograde.  In my experience, Mercury retrogrades are usually more difficult for those accustomed to contemporary high-speed left-brain linear logical lives, when Mercury retrograde is in Earth or Air signs.  All three 2022 synodic overstories are in Earth signs.  The next one will begin October 2nd, 2022 featuring Virgo.

Our usual advice for navigating Mercury retrogrades in Earth or Air signs is to not mind the usual breakdown in logic, the practical, and especially technology.  Instead, relax, take it easy, and do more inner work, and utilization of right-brain processes such as a more spontaneous, in the moment approach, without attachment to results or progress, and with more introspection.

Now, with Mercury stationary direct, Mercury begins its powerful morning star Apollonian expression.  This is the time when Mercury enthusiastically embraces rebirth into a full speed ahead Taurean expression.  This Apollonian phase in Taurus extends to its movement into Gemini on June 13th.  Maximum morning star elongation will occur June 16th just after entering Gemini.

This is now the time to put the retrograde behind us.  The joy and pleasure of the Mercury function in Taurus can be savored and enjoyed.  Take the time to slowly and thoroughly masticate what you perceive, cognize and communicate about.  The mind can be an organ of epicurean delight.  Possibly more than any other Mercury cycle phase, this time is when thoughts can be directly experienced as something tangible; the time when thoughts are things-with smell, taste, touch etc.  My suggestion is to make this a pleasurable experience, to be enjoyed as long as possible, in the present moment.  It’s even better should you have Mercury in Taurus or are in a Mercury synodic return.  Learn more about the Mercury cycle here:

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