Mercury in Taurus – April 10, 2022

FACEBOOK  April 10, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

The “hard-to-sight” planet, Mercury, ingresses into the sign of Taurus late on April 10th.  Most people will not be able to catch sight of Mercury at this time but may begin to do so on the 11th just after sunset.  Mercury is currently sitting right on the ecliptic so under a very clear and flat horizon, we can see the -1.5 / -1.4 magnitude planet.  As April progresses, Mercury’s brightness will be less, but it will become easier to spot due to its separation from the Sun by late in the month.
Astrologically, Mercury’s entry into Taurus shifts the world mind from the instincts and fast-paced missions of Aries into a slowing down and appreciation of the beauty and sensuality of life.  Mercury is activating the physical senses more acutely to help us savor and take pleasure in the gifts in our life.  Being in the body and “feeling” into the sights, smells, tastes, sounds and touches is what Taurus is all about.
Mercury’s journey through this sign will bring it to a conjunction with Uranus on the 17th, stirring up the Uranian qualities of the unexpected and sudden (and sometimes dramatic) shifts in life.  Taurus also connects us to the conveniences in our lives and how much is sacrificed to have those conveniences.  Examples include being able to have most things we want with a few clicks or touches on a computer and mobile device.  From food to office supplies to gifts of any kind, we can sit back comfortably knowing it will arrive soon without having to drive or otherwise go somewhere to get it.  It definitely is a bit of a Taurus dream come true.
Uranus’ position in Taurus has been a disruption of our Western World conveniences and comforts.  Mercury may help us recognize (along with Uranus) a radical new approach that takes us back to the roots of Taurus in our relationship with Earth.  Perhaps we can find those pleasures in the gardens and mountains, stars and oceans and in each other?  Perhaps the pleasures and comforts we seek are right outside the door?  Or maybe we need to take a trip to remind our soul of its own pleasures in that physical realm?
Take a peek to see if you can spot Mercury this month in the west just after sunset.  Meditate on your own relationship with the physical realm and see where you may nourish your soul in the pleasures and comforts of Earth’s bounty.

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