Moon Conjunctions in Aries – March 31, 2022


By Erik M Roth,  Inspiral Nexus

The Moon moves into the sign of Aries on March 31st and later conjuncts Mercury, Sun and Chiron on the same day.  It’s also a time of the Aries New Moon and then on April 1st, Mercury conjuncts Chiron in Aries as well.  These conjunctions activate Chiron complex that is about our medicine of chosen mission and purpose.  Aries Mercury operates with instinct and a “gut feeling” type of mind and can perceive in clear-cut fashion.  While it could be a great time to act in support of our mission, Chiron’s position suggests more of a time for stepping back, healing and resting.

For those that have any personal planets or points in the 7–15-degree range of Aries (as well as opposite and square Aries in the signs of Libra, Cancer and Capricorn) and perhaps know you are in a major Chiron cycle, this could be acutely felt during the March 31-April 2 time period.

Moon-Mercury conjunction – 9 degrees 24’ Aries (March 31)

Aries New Moon – 11 degrees 30’ Aries (March 31)

Moon-Chiron conjunction – 12 degrees 18’ Aries (March 31/April 1)

Sun-Chiron conjunction – 12 degrees 21’ Aries (April 1)

Mercury-Chiron conjunction – 12 degrees 22’ Aries (April 1)

Sun-Mercury conjunction – 13 degrees 11’ Aries (April 2)

Chiron is an asteroid-type body that orbits between Saturn and Uranus.  It relates to the “underworld” and symbolizes our fractures and wounds that are intended to help us create the medicine we need to heal ourselves and others as well.  Chiron in Aries can be about healing and grieving the wounds around what we have chosen as our life mission, but also other Aries-related things such as (but not limited to) pursuits to conquer something, wars, defending, rescuing and competitive activities.

Chiron can bring up our vulnerabilities in those areas and provide us with an opportunity for awareness of how we can begin the process of healing.  But it first means that we need to see and/or experience it in order to take action to grieve for a loss and heal something.  And that is not an easy thing for Aries to undertake, but it is an important part of its own journey.

To have these conjunctions take place at the time of the New Moon places additional emphasis on Chiron’s message about healing.  All of this takes place beyond the visible realm and only the Sun can be seen at this time, so much of this complex is interacting beyond our sight, but we can still participate in this New Moon and other conjunctions as this shares with us a beginning of new phase of our mission. Chiron and Mercury’s nearness suggests that beginning includes a healthy dose of introspection and clearing the mind to sense the instincts coming through.


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