Moon Conjunctions in Pisces December 1, 2022

Nov 29, 2022

by Erik Roth

The Moon’s ingress into Pisces places it into conjunctions with Neptune and Jupiter on the same day.  The first conjunction is with Neptune at 22°38’ Pisces, then with Jupiter at 28°54’ Pisces.  The conjunctions happen about 11 hours apart.  Anytime the Moon conjuncts a planet, it places an emphasis on the planet’s (and the sign it is in) qualities astrologically.

Jupiter and Neptune

Jupiter is the planet of the vision quest and Jupiter is now moving direct, which will help the energies of Pisces also move forward a bit.  The Moon in this sign brings more attention to the planet’s gifts but also their shadows. Neptune is still only 6 degrees away and close to where it was at Jupiter’s station point.  Neptune will station direct on the fourth of December, so both Jupiter and Neptune’s apparent movement is very slow 

Back in April, Neptune and Jupiter were in conjunction and were within 10 degrees of each other for several weeks. This period marks the final leg of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction time until 2035 rolls around, when they reconnect in the sign of Aries.

As shared in an earlier post when Jupiter stationed direct, empathy, service and compassion are vital traits in humanity and Pisces has these in spades.  Pisces can teach us a healthy way that this can be expressed.  One way strength comes in is through being sensitive to others and all that is around.  It is in this, that Pisces gives one of its greatest gifts (all signs/archetypes have their gifts). With this connection over the next few weeks, it may not be entirely clear as to what the intent is except to embrace the unknown and having faith.

A piece of this also involves Mars in Gemini (still retrograde), as it still has a loose square to the later degrees of Pisces, especially with Neptune.  This square can trigger more action and confusion wrapped up in one.  Gemini is an initiating archetype but changes direction often.  And in this combination with Neptune, at home in Pisces, it can really throw things up in the air as to where anything may or may not land around us.

This is all part of our humanity as well.  This transit isn’t just about logic and what is rational.  Sometimes, we need to walk into those other realms to understand the other part of being human.  Pisces is also associated with ecstatic experiences, especially those that dissolve the ego (temporarily).  Control, attachments, and ambition are forgotten with Pisces in those experiences.

“Into the mystic” is another intent of this Moon transit past Neptune and Jupiter.  It can be environment to dream into the other realms, meditate without expectations/goals and simply let go for a little while without trying to force something to happen.

If a person has personal points or planets in the later degrees of Pisces (as well as Sagittarius, Gemini and Virgo) this transit is even more meaningful to you.  But Jupiter will leave Pisces on December 20th, returning in 2033-34.

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