Moon conjunctions of Mars and Chiron June 22, 2022

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Moon conjunctions of Mars and Chiron June 22, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus
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A day after the June Solstice, the Moon transits through the sign of Aries with encounters of Chiron, then of Mars.  Mars and Chiron are only five degrees apart, zodiacally, in the sky and the Moon is the “fastest” planetary body across the sky, in terms of apparent movement.  Astrologically and symbolically, this is a time of self-healing our wounds.

The Moon can move 12-15 degrees across the sky in a 24-hour period of time, so it can be an excellent navigational guide for stargazers when the Moon meets in conjunction with stars and other planetary bodies.  In the case of the Mars and Chiron conjunctions with the Moon, only Mars is visible (and slowly brightening).  However, if one knows the time when the Moon crosses the area of the sky where Chiron is, then one can “see” the conjunction.

Astrologically, the lunar conjunctions of Mars and Chiron activate the Aries archetype through Mars and Chiron.  I’ve talked extensively about this in videos and Facebook posts.  I would point to my video about Chiron in Aries for a deeper discussion about the wounding and healing that is needed during this transit.

Mars symbolizes the archetypal masculine principle in shamanic astrology while Chiron represents the wounds and fractures that we are here to heal.  When we see the tragedies of humanity unfold, one powerful element of those tragedies is the core wounding from the masculine (in relation to the patriarchal expectations and projections).  One of those wounds is in not giving ourselves permission to be vulnerable in ourselves and truly feel what is coming up for us instead of covering it up, ignoring it and simply repressing it, in order to appear “strong” to the world around us.

Being “strong” may seem good at first, but over time more and more feelings are repressed, resulting in a variety of unconscious wounding and repressions of others externally because in order to be secure in an image of being “strong”.   Aries is a sign/archetype that thrives in its strength of mission and purpose, but it has been used in a way that nearly only supports strength without recognition that vulnerability is ALSO a strength.

The repression of our feelings over the long term does real harm not only to ourselves but to many others around us as well.  Chiron has teach us how we can heal ourselves by revealing our vulnerabilities and wounds.  Chiron can help us in the cleansing of the toxins within that relate to the identification with the wounds and grieve what no longer belongs within.

On this day, June 22nd, we can all explore what we have unconsciously or otherwise repressed in ourselves in order to integrate it back into our lives in a healthy manner that doesn’t perpetuate wounding around us or within ourselves.  We all have the capacity to face those wounds and to promote healing and wholeness inside and helping others do the same outside.


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