Moon-Pluto Conjunction – August 10, 2022

August 10, 2022

Moon-Pluto Conjunction, August 10, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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Our monthly conjunction of Pluto by the Moon takes place on August 10th, just a day before the Full Moon in Aquarius.  This month’s conjunction takes place at 26°51’ Capricorn as Pluto continues to retrograde until October 8th.  Each time the Moon is in conjunction with a planet or star, it is an activation of the astrological and symbolic qualities of the celestial object and the sign it is in.  The primary feature for Pluto in 2022 is its return back to the position of Pluto in the natal chart of the US.  In short, the Pluto Return.

Last month, on July 13th, the Capricorn Full Moon was within six degrees of Pluto and only two days removed from the second exact hit of transiting Pluto upon the natal position of Pluto on the US chart.  These are major transits and the Pluto Return one of the biggest.  

Capricorn symbolizes forms, structures, laws, systems and our third-dimensional reality.  It is the seeding of these things meant for long-term growth or a “slow and steady” approach.  It is the least “personal” sign and is focused upon the concrete and practicality of life.  Capricorn wants to know if it serves multiple generations and not so much for quick gains.

In this Pluto Return, which began in 2020 (with some astrologers suggesting 2008 as the start date due to Pluto entering the sign of Capricorn then), the US is experiencing a death-rebirth of the nation’s systems and structures.  It is a time of surrender to our collective detoxification and powerlessness.  This includes the economic, health, educational, political and social systems and structures.  It also includes all the issues left unresolved at the time of the Declaration of Independence.

At this Moon-Pluto conjunction, we can look at our own systems and structures we have in place for ourselves and our families.  We can inquire within: Does it serve us in a healthy way?  Whom does it benefit?  Is it sustainable and real or is it built on a house of cards?  What is in decay and do we need to surrender to its seeding of something new (in how organic matter breaks down to form the fundamental blocks to seed new life, a way of death-rebirth)?

This can also be a time to journey deeply within us.  The truth of our nature (including our psyche) and our issues are intended during this time.  Our reality must be faced, which includes the fears associated with it.  But the fears are powerful clues that lead us to soul growth and emergence into empowerment.

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