Moon-Uranus Conjunction (Occultation) – February 7, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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The Moon in Taurus will be making its monthly visit with Uranus on February 7.  This year, though, the Moon will occult Uranus 11 times beginning this month (plus two more in January, 2023).  The occultation/conjunction will take place at 10˚59’ of Taurus, above, and to the right of the star Menkar, symbolizing the mouth of the Cetus constellation (Whale/Sea Leviathan).  This places it also below the Ram constellation.  We haven’t experienced lunar occultations of Uranus since 2014-15, when Uranus was in the sign of Aries.

An occultation is when one celestial body covers another celestial body, creating a time when the covered up planet or star is hidden for a few minutes or so.  This is different from an eclipse because during an eclipse, the observer will experience a shadow of some kind, which on Earth only involves the Sun and Moon.  This particular lunar occultation will only be visible to very few in the extreme South Atlantic ocean between South America and Southern Africa, bordering on Antarctica.

A lunar occultation enhances the symbolic and energetic relationship that we have with a planet or star or asteroid.  With Uranus, this conjunction-occultation activates the Taurus mystery school through Uranus, invoking a Promethean-type of opportunity for revolutionary ideas, breakthroughs and a greater view for Taurus (which is typically more ‘earth-bound’ in its own perceptions).

Taurus’s school of being is expressed deeply through the five basic senses in order to know what is good for the body.  Pleasure, comfort, beauty and sensuality are unmistakably linked to the essence of Taurus.  Uranus’ transit through this sign began in 2018 and will continue until the 2025-26 period when it begins to transition to the sign of Gemini.

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On a global level, it has been experienced that Uranus in Taurus has helped understand our relationship with convenience and material things (bringing beauty, pleasure, comfort, etc).  Uranus in Taurus helps bring in events beyond our control, leading, in part, to the various breakdowns (from source/factory to doorstep) in our ever-expanding desire to have (nearly) anything we want with a few clicks of our internet-connected devices.  What are we sacrificing to have all this stuff?

Another response to this conjunction-occultation of Uranus in Taurus can be a rebelliousness against this new norm with perhaps a wider perspective of what we are doing and how we can go beyond it.  We have been navigating an assemblage point shift within a larger assemblage point shift.  Uranus has been assisting us in breaking out of our routines and introducing us to emerging and unexpected pathways.

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