Moon-Venus Conjunction June 26, 2022

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Moon-Venus Conjunction June 26, 2022

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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The Moon has come back into the sign of Gemini, meeting Venus there close to the Pleiades star cluster which sits at 29° Taurus and 0° Gemini, essentially between the body and the mind.  In shamanic astrology, this is a gate for Venus in her cycle as she descends closer to the Sun and in ancient times, this was a Descent into the Underworld (hidden in the glare of the Sun).

In the early morning sky of the 26th, we can cast our gaze upon the spectacle of the brightest natural objects in the sky after the Sun in the form of Earth’s Moon and the stellar diamond of Venus.  The star Aldebaran will also be nearby.  The exact conjunction is at 3°53’ of Gemini, only 3 degrees from the Pleiades. The stars of the Pleiades sit a tight group of sister stars embodying humanity’s transition between realms in this current age.

This Venus-Moon conjunction is the “6th Gate” (there have been 5 previous Venus-Moon conjunctions or gates since Venus stationed direct in 2022), activating our body’s second chakra, which is connected to our belly and can be called the “Gate of Creativity”.  It’s also deeply associated with our gut and intuitive center, which can fuel creative processes in our lives, going beyond the mind to “feel into” what we doing or acting upon in our journey.

For Venus’s journey, the great goddess is on her way, compelled to let go of her symbols of power and attachments to the middle realm.  Venus, or Inanna in ancient Mesopotamia, is readying herself for another death-rebirth in the underworld.  The great 584-day synodic cycle of Venus will enter the underworld phase officially on September 14th, but more letting go and surrender will be needed prior to that.

Since this special conjunction takes place in the sign of Gemini, the sign of imagination, creative process and play through the mind.  Gemini’s essence relates to the archetypes of the trickster, contrarian and the divine comedian and jester.  Just as Inanna is letting go of the deeper levels of attachments in the soul, Gemini is here and supporting with the Pleiades sister stars to help unlock Inanna’s way through the 6th Gate.

We can observe this transit with our own eyes, creating ceremony with creative expression, unlocking out intuitive senses in concert with the mind.  We can ask ourselves what is the nature of our relationship with our gut/intuitive/creative self?  How do we express it in our lives?  This is a time for a deeper inquiry into that.

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