More About the Synodic Nodal Return

By Daniel Giamario

November 14, 2022

A fascination with my recent awareness of the 93year synodic Nodal Return keeps growing. I am going to add more depth to this information. It was looking at the 1929 stock market crash 93 years ago that initially sparked my interest. Every 18.6 years the nodal axis returns to the same degrees, but it takes five of them to create a true synodic return, meaning to the same season, close to the starting point, like a Solar Return, but relative to the Nodal axis.

I am zeroing in on the 12th and 13th degrees of Taurus/Scorpio. One thing to notice is that in 1929 and 2022, the eclipse seasons occurred within these degrees.

Here is the relevant data:

SEPTEMBER 6 – DECEMBER 2 1929  The Nodal axis is at the 12th and 13th degree of Taurus/Scorpio.

The stock market crash leading to the Great Depression was October 24-29 1929

The eclipse season was November 1-17. There was an annular Solar eclipse on November 1 at 8Scorpio35. This was followed by a penumbral Lunar eclipse on November 17 at 24Taurus10.

SEPTEMBER 24 – DECEMBER 25 2022  The Nodal axis is at the 12th and 13th degree of Taurus/Scorpio.

The eclipse season was October 25-November 8. There was a partial Solar eclipse on October 25 at 2Scorpio00. This was followed by a total Lunar eclipse on November 8 at 16Taurus01.

What can we learn from this?

While history may not repeat, it often rhymes. Although a stock market crash may yet occur, the events of the last week suggest something more profoundly global. The Uranian surprise was the lack of a RED WAVE, and the further power of the Biden/deep state/neo-con enterprise. Meanwhile there have been a number of meetings of the ever-growing BRICS group of nations (obscured by the US election and Ukraine proxy war). Their goal is to create a currency separate from the dominance of the US dollar. Their plan is to eliminate the debt of the member’s nations to the IMF, the World Bank, and the international Bank of Settlements. This will be very enticing to many countries whose resources have been plundered by “the West”.  

Certainly, the creation of a bi-polar world is now a done deal, and the Western hegemony severely compromised. I am not taking sides here, just noting the astrological information corresponding to world events. This is of a higher order than the Great Depression, which although quite important, was not truly global. This is! The next month will be something else. Be alert and don’t blindly trust the propaganda of the mainstream media. Do some research and be prepared.

This 93year cycle seems really significant and can also be applied to the human lifespan. More about that to come.

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