Morgan Marckwald – In Memoriam

By Daniel Giamario

With great sadness, we learned that Morgan Marckwald, a key member of our school, (both SAMS and TOTAMS), passed away on April 19, 2023, after a long and difficult bout with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Morgan was fully initiated as a Shamanic Astrologer in 2019 and did her solo astrological vision quest ceremonials near Gael Chilson’s stone circle in Sahuarita/Arizona. She had long been planning and looking forward to being with us at our recent in-person All School Gathering in Oracle, Arizona.

I had been collaborating with Morgan for a number of years on her research on cosmology, and we had been planning a joint presentation at the event. Very few knew the cosmology of the Turning of the Ages more than her. Recently she had also been working on bringing the knowledge of Pallas-Athena into the TOTAMS/Shamanic Astrology Paradigm. Her connection to the sacred mysteries of the Feminine and the Goddess were profound.

Morgan passed surrounded by her daughters Riley and Skylar, her mother Trudy, and her many priestess sisters. She was well loved by so many and will be greatly missed. Gratefully, her long suffering is over, and she is now among the stars,
which she loved so very much.

Rest in peace and soar with the angels and archangels, dear Morgan,
in reunification with Christos-Sophia.

A Go-Fund Me Campaign has been set up to help support Riley and Skylar:

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