My 2023 Favorite Things – Part 1/4: Books

Jan 15, 2024 | by Daniel Giamario |

With Jupiter and Mercury having turned direct, Mars now slowly emerging from the Underworld, and a waxing Moon after the first New Moon of the Year, the momentum is building towards another possible timeline split in April. However, I decided to take a pause from the astrology this week and share some of the things I really enjoyed in 2023.


Massacre Peak, New Mexico, October 2023; photo credit: Naraya Naserian




I do read a lot of books. Although all, in a variety of ways, tend to relate to astrology and the Turning of The Ages, they fall in two categories: Research and Pure Pleasure.

Here are my favorites of 2023:





Felice Vinci, The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales

Suggested to me by Finnish TOTAMS astrologer and researcher, Ville Viinikka, this fascinating book adds yet another piece to the growing awareness that the events of the Odyssey did not take place in the Aegean Sea.

David Graeber, Pirate Enlightenment, or the Real Libertalia

Graeber’s final publication, arriving after his death in 2020, continues his exploration of the themes of anarchy and the origins and nature of freedom and liberty. His previous book, the monumental “The Dawn of Everything,” which I have reviewed and often lauded the past few years, still remains, in my view, the most important book of the 2020s!

Joseph P. Farrell, The Demon in the Ekur: Angels, Plasmas, Patristics, and Pyramids

Mind-opening and leading edge, Farrell weaves the emerging understanding that plasma is alive with his controversial view that the Great Pyramid was a weapon. I also read his equally excellent The Giza Death Star Revisted. Joseph Farrell is wonderfully erudite and wholly original. He often teams up with Catherine Austin-Fitts.

Terry Boardman, Western Hostility to Russia: The Hidden Background to War in Ukraine

Boardman is both an astrologer and a Steiner inspired historian and political commentator. In my view, his analysis of world events is unmatched.  His website is


Recently Received …

Just recently I have received two books which could be of great value to the main themes of my work. I sure will report on them in due course

  • Bibhu Dev Misra, Yuga Shift: The End of Kali Yuga & The Impending Planetary Transformation This is the research I use when referring of Kali Yuga ending in 2025. I look forward to reading this book!
  • Neil Howe, The Fourth Turning Is Here: What the Seasons of History Tell Us About How and When This Crisis Will End

Howe is one of the authors of the original Fourth Turning book which was published back in 1997. This is quite comprehensive, but the surviving author was not my favorite of the team that wrote the original book, since Wiiliam Strauss has passed away. For instance, Howe now places the end of the Fourth Turning to have been 2020, when I still strongly feel it’s 2025.


Books About Musicians

I love reading biographies and autobiographies of my favorite musicians. In almost every case it takes me back to the 1963-1970 time frame. So far, I have over fifty such books in my library. Reading them is also remarkably illuminating about astrology, as I always look up the chart of the musician.

In 2023, I found the following to be highly entertaining and educational:

  • Mark Volman, Happy Forever: My Musical Adventures with the Turtles, Frank Zappa, T.Rex, Flo & Eddie, And More
  • Noel Redding, Are You Experienced: The Inside Story of the Jimi Hendrix Experience
  • David Crosby, Long Time Gone
  • Ginger Baker, Ginger Baker: Hellraiser – the Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Drummer
  • Francis Dumaurier, Giorgio Gomelsky: For Your Love: The Incredible Life of a Musical Impressario for the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds & Magma
  • David French, Heart Full of Soul: Keith Relf of t6he Yardbirds


To Be Continued …

  • Part 2/4: favorite albums and CD’s as live performances
  • Part 3/4: Movies and Television
  • Part 4/4: Resources

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