New Moon and Neptune Stations Retrograde

By Erik M Roth of Inspiral Nexus

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New Moon and Neptune Stations Retrograde June 28, 2022

Neptune stations retrograde at 25 deg 26′ Pisces on the same day at the New Moon at 7°22’ Cancer.  The emphasis of this retrograde period is about allowing ourselves to drift off and let go of the stresses in our lives.  We can open up to the great oneness of the cosmos/divine in ourselves intimately connecting with Source, including Gaia.

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On a third-dimensional level, this may feel unsteady as reality holds little weight from a Neptunian / Celestial perspective.  There is a sense of impermanence in our journey in that all things can end, leaving new roads to appear and repeating the cycle over and over again.

The non-linearness of Neptune is subtly amplified during its retrograde period.  This may be used to do dreamwork, spiritual journeying/questing, sabbaticals and intuitive and creative flows of imaginative expressions where the ego takes a backseat.  Time is not relevant for Neptune.

It can also open up to the illusions of some realities that may be more transitory.  Meaning, it could highlight what is not meant to be or is simply “wishful thinking” and cannot manifest in reality.

The New Moon in Cancer is near the Galactic Edge, meaning the opposite of the Galactic Center.  The Cancerian archetypal energy of the New Moon adds to Neptune’s station point the watery feelings or the heart.  This makes for a greater activation of nurturing, compassion and a focus upon our families.

It is a great time to sow the seeds of the future in the garden and in our lives, to nurture that which we want to see blossom in the years to come.  New Moons are fantastic times to begin fresh projects or begin a new phase of our lives or in business.  For the Cancer archetype, it is about bringing the feelings of giving through the heart and taking responsibility for what we do sow.

It is an investment and expression of the love we share beyond just our immediate family and into all of humanity.  The New Moon near that Galactic Edge can guide us to the Silver Gate that welcomes in new soul’s entering the galaxy and Earth.  This is the beginning of an emerging family extended past the boundaries we had set in place.

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