New Moon in Scorpio

November 13/14 included the third and final Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. The same day the Moon conjuncted Venus in Libra and then Mars went direct in Aries.

All long awaited alignments. If you’ve been feeling a strong pull, an off-feeling or have been having an intense experience: this might be why!

November 15 is the New Moon in Scorpio!

The sun is in the season of Scorpio and the moon is here to meet it. This makes a new moon. A new lunar cycle.

A new moon is always a time to plant seeds of intention. In the sign of Scorpio the energies are best worked with when including a Scorpionic feel.

The Scorpio mysteries include intensity, depth and maximum aliveness for it’s own sake. Scorpio goes intensely into the feeling experience and emotions more than any other sign. Scorpio also has more will power and control of life force energy than any other. Scorpios harness their power.

Archetypes include the shaman, witch or sorcerer. Someone that has harnessed their power fully. Practices found in Tantra, Shamanism and breath work are ways to access this vitality.

To go to the extremes, to run one’s own energy, to fully dive into the depths of any given feeling is the way of Scorpio.

Are you feeling your maximum aliveness? Are you feeling your emotions fully?

It’s time to dive deep this new moon!

As you set your new moon intentions tonight, make sure they include something sexy, sensual and take into account your deepest emotions.

This same New Moon day includes Venus in Libra square to Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn. The Scorpio new moon includes the dynamic shift of the feminine and how she relates to the world that is so thoroughly changing right now.

Venus then squares Saturn on November 19 further solidifying this shift in relating to the new world that we are creating.

As we have been in Scorpio season for a while now, this new moon is more of a culmination of Scorpio energies which prepare us for moving forward.

The Sun will soon move in to the next sign of Sagittarius on November 22. The same day that Venus moves into the sign that the sun is moving out of: Scorpio.

The Sun will move on to shine in the season of Sagittarius. Energies of exploration, expansion and curiosity.

The Sagittarius season is about seeking new truth and asking philosophical questions about the meaning of life.

Sagittarius archetypes include adventurers, explorers, philosophers, wanderers and wonderers. A fire sign of evolution and movement upward and onward.

Venus is the planet of the feminine energy within each of us. She enters Scorpio, the sign of sexuality, sensuality and depth of feeling.  It’s time for your feminine expression to go into the extremes and feel fully. It’s time to harness the sacred shakti and personal feminine power.

On November 17, Mercury moves opposite to Uranus and then on November 27, Venus does too.

Venus the energy of the feminine and Mercury the planet of the mind and thoughts get a radical change in their focus.

Uranus is in Taurus and will be a key feature in 2021, including a Saturn and Jupiter square. An alignment that can dramatically shift and change the world in unexpected ways next year.

Uranus is the planet that brings abrupt changes, radical shifts and unexpected occurrences. In the sign of Taurus which loves to receive maximum pleasure and enjoy the senses fully. An earth sign of physical experience. Things will change in ways we can’t imagine in 2021. Things like our money systems, the way we use technology, our bodies and our relationship to nature will all be at play.

First, we must experience the culmination of 2020. We will end November with a lunar eclipse followed by a solar eclipse in December. Just before the solstice and Saturn and Jupiter move into the next sign of Aquarius. Soon meeting a square alignment to Uranus early next year.

Please take care of yourselves and each other. We have a lot to get through right now. Please, whatever action you take in moving forward, let it come from love.

Article by Levi Banner and more info can be found here.

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