New year, New You – Your Rising Sign

Jan 4, 2023 | by Sheridan Semple |

It’s official! We’re into a new year! I love that “wiped the slate clean” feeling. What do you want to create in this new year for yourself? How does astrology support you in being more you?

Astrology is all about why you’re here! Why did your soul come here and what are you meant to be doing? Tuning into your natal chart is an excellent place to begin. It’s the map. If you’re wanting to create some new things this year, looking to astrology will help. Perhaps you already know what you want out of 2023. Maybe you don’t, but you’re feeling a need for some changes. Wouldn’t it be great to either confirm you’re on the right track or get help finding the track in the first place?

At the new year many are ready for a fresh start. It feels like you can draw a line in the sand where last year “old you” is left behind. And, now on this new year side of the line “new you” is coming into more power. How do you actively feed this momentum? How do you prevent backsliding into the same old, same old by mid-January?
I suggest taking a fresh look at your natal chart and looking to your soul’s evolutionary path. Are you on it? Or, do you feel like you are missing the mark? Start by looking at your ascendant sign. That’s the ultimate destination on the road for this lifetime.

What are the properties, energies, lessons, element, and modality of this sign?
Learn all you can about it because this is where you want to be heading. It isn’t an energy that necessarily comes easily, but the more you step into it the more life feels right.

I’ve heard it said, “what is rising on the eastern horizon when you were born is what is rising within you”.

Do you have a Cancer rising? Then, you want to be moving towards giving and nurturing some seeds you want to plant.
Do you have an Aquarius rising? Then, you want to be embracing your uniqueness and doing things differently.
Do you have a Virgo rising? Then, you want to find what is sacred to you and make that part of your life’s work.

Of course, these are short statements about complex archetypes, but if you start learning about and stepping into the energy of your ascendant, you will never go wrong.

New year, new you will be and feel most successful if your emerging creations fulfill and move the needle towards your rising sign. The more you make choices that consciously support your ascendant sign, the more you are on the right road in life. The soul’s evolutionary journey travels from your Moon sign to your rising sign, with some personal planet stops along the way. If you’re new to astrology, start with your natal chart. It is only through knowing yourself better that you can more consciously walk the path your soul has chosen for you. It’s about intention not prescription, opportunity not prophecy.

How do you connect with your purpose for being here? By learning more about it and becoming as aware as you possibly can with it. You may not know why you’re here exactly yet, but astrology will help. It will assist you to know if you’re on the right trail or what the right way even is.

Blessings for your New Year journeys!

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