Of Lunar Standstills, Solar Eclipses and Plasma

Ramblings, Reflections and Ruminations of Daniel Giamario |  June 3, 2024 |



The Experience of Total Solar Eclipses


Last April, a group of 22 of us gathered in Ohio to witness a Total Eclipse of the Sun. We were also there for an in-person certification course, as well as experiencing the vortex of the Hopewell and Adema Native American Mounds and Earthworks. Our experience was magical and magnificent. Literally everyone had a profound Heart opening!

I have been an eclipse chaser since 1991! Five times I have sought out the Sun’s Corona. Sadly, the July 11 1991 experience on the Big Island of Hawaii was obscured by major storms. On November 3 1994, on the high altiplano of Bolivia, I had my first direct experience of Shadow and Light with a totality of 4 minutes and 24 seconds. Later, on July 11 2010, I went all the way to the island of Mangaea in the Cook Islands and was clouded out. I had better luck on August 21 2017 in Oregon – with clear skies, on the edge of a river gorge, I was able to witness the 2 minutes and 41 seconds Total Solar Eclipse. The Ohio eclipse of April 8 2024 made it three out of five!

A far better success rate was with Annular Solar Eclipses, having witnessed seven or eight, as well as countless Total Lunar Eclipses. I am not intending to brag, just revealing my obsession (addiction)!

The wonderful Ohio experience clarified something very important to me. As much as I love the often underrated Annular Solar Eclipses – and their tracks across the Earth are, in my opinion, as important as the tracks of Total Solar Eclipses – clearly something of a greater magnitude happens with Total Solar Eclipses, when the Solar Corona becomes radiantly visible. I feel I now know what that is: The key lies in the direct experience of the plasma of the Solar Corona.

Let’s explore this further.


The Experience of Lunar Standstills


My other Earth-Sky obsession is the phenomenon of the Lunar Standstill and the related subject of Out-of-Bounds Moons, a topic somewhat well known in the general astrological community.

In 1987 I experienced my first Lunar Standstill at the great stone circles of Callanish, on the island of Lewis in the far northwest of the Scottish Outer Hebrides. It is here, based on its latitude, that the Moon “Walks on The Land.” This was a life-changing experience, foundational in my personal life as well as in shaping the direction of our school. I have since been back thirteen times and will again take our school there later this month, June 2024, for our TOTAMS Annual Gathering (sold out now). We have 29 folks coming together, from corners of the globe as far and wide as the Philippines (my wife and I), USA, Canada, Chile, Finland, Portugal and the UK. Many times, most recently in collaboration with Gemini Brett, I have written and created videos about this. You can start with this free preview to our Lunar Standstill Seminars!

I now have a much better sense about what transpires at Callanish as well as about Lunar Standstills in general. When there in 1987, at the closest Full Moon to the Summer Solstice, I had so many profound experiences, recounted in depth elsewhere. Above all else, I had the opportunity to actively demonstrate the reality of several ancient legends connected to the 19-year time frames when the Moon “Walks on The Land”. Here at Callanish, this happens in connection to a land feature known as the “old woman of the moors”, a low mountain range on the horizon that resembles a reclining woman. Numerous stone circles at the Callanish complex were built in orientation to her.

The powerful culmination of the all-night experience, just after the Moon moved across the stones of Callanish I (the main site), turned out to be the most important moment. Whilst offering prayers of gratitude, the Northern entrance was filled with silver light and I was instantly struck by something directly at my heart center. I collapsed on the ground with tears of surrender. It was a force that eradicated all dualities of good and bad, right and wrong. The only way I can describe it is that it felt like Christed Love. Ever since, I have been wondering what that really was. The old stories call it the return of “The Shining Ones.”

Now, so many years later, I think I know!  And it’s connected to the experience of the Solar Corona at Total Solar Eclipses. It’s all about plasma!




When it comes to plasma, I am no expert. Some say plasma is the fourth state of matter. Others say that it’s the first! Yet other researchers claim that the 99% of so-called “dark matter” is plasma. Recent research suggests that it’s alive. For further investigation, I suggest these resources, all of which follow in the footsteps of the great physicist David Bohm. I highly recommend these books:

A New Science of Heaven: How the Science of Plasma will transform humanity’s understanding of its place in the Universe” by Robert Temple

The Demon in the Ekur: Angels, Demons, Plasmas, Patristics and Pyramids” by Joseph P.Farrell

If, indeed, Plasma is alive, there are interesting implications! There is no indication that it is either good or bad. As a natural energy, very likely connected to global and historical concepts like orgone, chi and prana, it can be utilized in many ways. No matter what the scientism and materialism of the last 120 years has tried to do in order to eliminate spirit and soul, has not fully yielded success.  And maybe Plasma as a conscious intelligence has plans for us?! Think of the possible impact of a micro-nova which would be Plasma from the Sun, or that of the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field resulting in a magnetic excursion, which allows more Plasma to more easily impact the Earth …

There are interesting speculations by noted spiritual teachers, such as Rudolf Steiner, that earlier pre-intellect humans could easily perceive angels and devas. What they were seeing could well have been living Plasma. Those were the times of old when the Gods walked amongst us!

Robert Schoch is the primary exponent of plasma impacts being the agent for the Earth Changes of the 1200-year Deluge  – the Kataklysmos as discussed in Bibhu Dev Misra’s book Yuga Shift. See my recent vlog about this here. A summary of Robert Schoch’s views can be found here.  It is quite conceivable that ancient petroglyphs and rock art from around the world are depictions of this Plasma as beings and forces.

What I know from my own experience is that witnessing the Plasma of a Solar Corona is a profoundly heart opening experience. I equally experienced the Great Shining Ones at Callanish as a heart opening caused by Plasma. These experiences fill me with hope!


Eclipses to Come


Plans of the Turning of the Ages Mystery School include two future Total Solar Eclipse events:

  • The Total Solar Eclipse of August 12, 2026. Two minutes and 16 seconds of totality at 20Leo22. We intend to gather a group on the northern coast of Spain. The gathering will also include an in-person Relationships: Sacred Marriage and Inner Wholeness Certification Course.
  • The Total Solar Eclipse of August 2, 2027. This one at 9Leo55 has an astonishing six minutes and 23 seconds of totality. Our intent is to be at the Siwa Oasis in Egypt. An in-person Certification course will also be included.

Further events for Annular Eclipses are possible over the next years, and we will always endeavor to follow the Coronal Plasma!


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