Out of Bounds Moons and Some Sad News

FACEBOOK   MAY 17, 2022

By Daniel Giamario

The recent passing of Callanish and Lunar Standstill maven, Margaret Curtis, one of my most important teachers, has inspired me to write this post.  I will write more about her, in memoriam, over the next days.

As the Lunar Standstill season approaches, it’s a good time to be alert to the phenomena of extreme out-of-bounds moons (OOB), as they go hand in hand with Lunar Standstills.  The Major Lunar Standstill (which our school calls the more evocative “Outer Standstill”) occurs approximately every 19 years.  The North Node reaching 0Aries sets the midpoint of an Outer Standstill season.  This will next occur on Jan.11, 2025.  At that time the Moon, when found near the Solstice degrees, can reach as far as 28degrees distance from the celestial equator.  Whenever the declination of the Moon is more than the obliquity of the ecliptic of 23degrees26, North or South, it has been recognized by astrologers as an OOB Moon.  As the Outer Standstill season approaches each 19 years, the distance from the ecliptic keeps increasing.  This phenomenon has become quite noticeable this year.  This week, with the Moon in late Sagittarius and mid Capricorn, the declination of the moon reaches nearly 27 degrees South Latitude.  These are extreme OOB moons.  To illustrate:

Tuesday May 17         8:00PM PDT    Moon is 24Sagittarius22   Declination is 26South06

Wednesday May 18   8:00PM PDT    Moon is 9Capricorn17       Declination is 26South57

Thursday May 19        8:00PM PDT    Moon is 24Capricorn00     Declination is 25South52

These are very OOB!  But what does it mean?  To get a sense of the full ramifications of the OOB Moon, it requires some understanding of the Standstill phenomena as it relates to the experience of land and sky at ceremonial sites as has been recognized for as long as 50,000 years.  That requires a further elaboration beyond the scope of a FaceBook post.  I will be having video blogs and seminars on this important topic in the months leading up to 2024-2025.

My sense is that having an OOB Moon two and a half degrees beyond the ecliptic, which can only happen with the Moon near the Solstices, namely late Sagittarius/Capricorn and Gemini/Cancer, is definitely an OOB signature to be reckoned with.  Also keep in mind that this can only happen near the Standstill seasons, in the few years surrounding the Lunar Node at 0Aries; most recently: June 2006, December 1987, February 1969, July 1950, December 1931 etc.  In short the signature is one of eccentricity and deviation from the norm.  It often includes a strong aversion to conformity and a refusal to be easily assimilated.  Maverick and strong individuality are strong features.  There will not be too many people with this OOB Moon signature.  Think also of having Mercury retrograde, and adding other things, like also having RH- blood and being left-handed!

On a collective level, I consider the awareness of these extreme OOB Moon dates (two time periods each month) to be even more important than planetary retrogrades or void-of-course time-frames.  Use the suggested interpretations for individuals with the signature, and apply it to world events.  Take notice.

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