Past, Present and Future Mystery Schools

New Moon October 17, 2020

Essence vs. Content
by Daniel Giamario

“Emulating the Merlin at the Turning of the Ages”

A VLOG with Daniel Giamario and Mary Kern
First of a new regular offering from SAMS
Invoking Merlin

The mythical and archetypal personage known as the Merlin has been my primary guide and inspiration throughout my life. Along with the other essential characters in this perennial tale: Arthur, the Priestesses of Avalon, and the Round Table; this ancient storyline will resurface in world history whenever it becomes necessary. For example: NOW!

The Merlin always has quite a predicament. Usually living at the time of a Turning of the Ages, his mission and purpose statement always works simultaneously on three fronts. 1) A commitment to be expert in the knowledge and awareness of the wisdom traditions and authentic teachings of our past. 2) Being able to face and understand the challenges of the present time. 3) Remaining open and even eager to welcome in the new emerging ways and wisdom that were fast emerging as a new epoch was dawning.

Because of this, he would suffer challenges from all three fronts. The fundamentalists and conservatives of the ‘old ways’ hated him for being open to and even embracing the new and novel. The purveyors of the new ways who were zealots, and who automatically shunned the past knowledge, hated him for still honoring the pagan and animist past. Meanwhile his life was in constant danger from the massive chaos always accompanying a time of Ages Turning.

The other major contribution of the Merlin was his equal embrace of Masculine and Feminine, being a liason, collaborator and connector between Avalon and Arthur and his Round Table ideal. He was a wise soul recognizing how women and men can be gylanic equals and collaborators, harmonious allies in body, mind, heart and soul.

These insights form a foundation and context for the primary purpose of this VLOG.

The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School ™ perceives the ‘signs’ as 12 Mystery Schools of Life. All are equally valid and all 12 have a specific and important contribution for a healthy culture, a mature civilization, and a harmonious planet. Each Mystery School has an ‘Essence’, a fundamental part of the Patterning of the individual Soul as well as the World Soul (Anima Mundi). But what is not often understood is how the ‘Content” of each Mystery School can change over time, depending on the nature of the Astrological Age, or even the various regions of the planet, or other similar and relative factors.

Additionally, each Mystery School will have its “shadow side”, accumulating over time, and especially evident at a time of the Turning of the Ages. This is often so conspicuous, that a great amount of what amounts to the ordinary ‘sun sign’ descriptions can read like a litany of that Mystery School’s shadow! That is one of the very many reasons why the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm ™ does not emphasize ‘Sun signs”.

Beyond this, one greater, and more important mission and purpose of SAMS, is to assist in participating in ‘Dreaming the Dream onwards”. This means to be open, as was the Merlin, to be able to perceive the new expressions and new content of the 12 Mystery Schools of Life. Meanwhile, including being able to remember our previous high and authentic wisdom. This also means to be able to have the courage and the capacity to compost what needs to be let go of, which itself requires being able to see beyond the constructs, strangleholds, and limitations of ‘consensus reality”. We can then participate in what my mentor, Dane Rudhyar, termed as “Imagineering”; and becoming ‘Seed People’ for whatever is to emerge next.


PDF Transcript of Vlog – Episode 1 – Click Here

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