Pisces New Moon and More!

By Levi Banner

The New Moon in Pisces on March 2 takes place exactly at 17:34 UTC. A New Moon is when the Moon passes by the Sun (conjuncts the Sun). In this case, the moon also passes by Jupiter and Neptune the same day. Jupiter and Neptune are close to the Sun at this time and are included in this new moon energy. Particularly Jupiter, which is only two degrees away. Jupiter is expanding and amplifying the New Moon in Pisces.

Pisces is the sign of expansive love. Love for all beings in all planes of existence. Pisces has the utmost compassion, care, and emotional sensitivity. A highly emotional sign with a strong feeling function and concern for the well-being of others on a collective level. Pisces is the most heart-centered sign. A lesson of Pisces is to allow one to feel their feelings fully and drop more into their heart.

During this New Moon, as you set intentions, they might include expanding into ecstatic states of being, connecting with the divine, or feeling your emotions more fully. Which are all themes of the Pisces Mystery School.

The Pisces archetypes are the healer, the feeler, the mystic, or the poet. Someone that seeks the connection to the divine, is open emotionally and is tuned into their power to heal others.
Ideally, you connect to these energies at this New Moon and set your attention and intentions accordingly.

You might ask yourself:
Am I feeling my emotions fully? Am I connected to something greater than myself? How connected to my heart am I?

Ultimately, this is a time to go inward and set your intentions for the whole month ahead. A time to soften and feel the love of the universe moving through you.

The same day on March 2, Mercury conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius. Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication, teaching us our cognition, perception, and communication style, is faced off with Saturn. Saturn brings realistic and practical advice whether you want it or not. What comes to mind here is either a block in creative inventiveness or a breakthrough where your imagination or inventive ideas finally have a platform or foundation to fly from. You might feel either case. Though you will know what’s working or what isn’t.

Ideally, this would be a time to implement your brilliant ideas or get real on what isn’t working and make the changes necessary.

The next day on March 3, both Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto. Venus and Mars are very visible in the sky, in the morning, just before sunrise. They are doing their dance. Though Pluto is not visible, it plays a big role in the current dance they’ve been doing for some time now. Venus and Mars were conjunct most recently on February 16.

Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. The underworld energies of bringing out emotions, challenges, and transformation. This energy will play a huge part in the conjunction of Venus and Mars on March 6. The final coming together of this current saga.

You can learn more about this saga in a recent webinar by the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School: Click Here!

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