Pisces New Moon – March 2021

The New Moon on March 13 is one part of a Pisces packed place in the sky!

A New Moon is always when the Moon passes by the Sun, therefore creating a new lunar cycle. A time of renewal for all of us as the Moon goes through the light of the Sun, recharging with insights to bring to the darker areas of the sky for a Full Moon two weeks later.

This time, the Moon not only passes the Sun, though also Neptune is merely 2 degrees away and Venus almost as close too!

Pisces is the energy that is being accented. What I suggest is that your New Moon rituals and intentions are punctuated with Pisces particularities.

In specific: Pisces is soft, caring, compassionate and empathetic energy. The archetype of a dreamer, healer, mystic or poet at union with the divine.

These are the usual energies of a Pisces New Moon and Neptune adds much more of the very same thing!

Neptune is an outer planet adding in like-a-teacher it’s influence to the new lunar cycle. Neptune teaches through fuzziness, dreaminess and intangibility. It shows us how to get into our heart and allow a healing to take place. Much like Pisces energy, Neptune adds-in or doubles the intentions set at this particular new cycle with even more Pisces potency.

Neptune is most resonant with Pisces.

Neptune is an antidote for too much clarity.

It’s hard to plan these days. I’d love to travel, though you don’t know if you you’ll be stopped somewhere at a border or put in quarantine as the rules change so quickly.

If you think you know clearly where you are going, you might just be wrong.

Delusion, confusion, illusion. It’s time to just be. Be in our hearts.

by Levi Banner. You can read Levi’s full article here.

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